How to remove a beer belly for three weeks

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Popularization of beer today is reaching epidemic proportions.Buyers at all corners aggressively advertise dozens of varieties of intoxicating drink.Modern society in beer consumption was divided into ardent supporters and opponents in the pages of newspapers and magazines, radio and TV debates are conducted on the topic of harm and benefit from the use of beer.

aside all advertising and journalistic hype, today it is possible to objectively repeatedly noted the increased popularity of beer among our population.Beer drink everything - from "pioneer" to "pensioner".On the one hand it is good - markedly decreased demand for spirits.People are moving to a low-alcohol.On the other hand, a new problem - for many it was necessary to remove the beer belly, where you can easily find admirers of this product.

Experts say that drinking beer is not directly connected with the appearance of extra centimeters and kilograms.Its calorie content does not exceed the statistical value to our conventional food.For example, white bread - 238 kcal / 100 g., Pork - 490 kcal / 100 g., Mayonnaise 620 kcal / 100 g., Beer only 36 kcal / 100 g.

And yet, the question of "how to remove the beer belly" bothers many people.This is due primarily to the effect of alcohol which is contained in the beverage.It stimulates the appetite and at the beer consumed "by-products" - chips, nuts, fish, sausages, sausages and the like (each can complement the list of favorite delicacy).All this is well absorbed and deposited in the form of fat in men it around the waist.

Now the big question: what to do?How to remove belly fat?Unfortunately there is no magic pill to determine.Only a systematic, integrated approach to solving the urgent problem gives real results

How to remove a beer belly:

Step 1. limit the consumption of beer.The day is recommended no more than 0.33 or equivalent.At least 3 days per week does not drink alcohol.If possible, use beer instead of dry red wine.It is believed that the beer upsets the balance of hormones in the body.

Step 2. Limit the number of meals eaten per day.Avoid eating after six in the evening.From 7 am to 12 pm, you can have it all.From 12 to 15 - a complete meal.From 15 to 18 - a light dinner.It is desirable to eliminate sodas.

Step 3. You need to add movement to your life.And not just any traffic.Just walk or run - the load does not give the expected result.It should be targeted to train your abdominal muscles.The abdominal muscles are made up of several groups: direct and oblique and the underlying muscles.Experts recommend the use of exercises for all muscle groups.

If there is an opportunity - sign up for a class to a professional fitness trainer.He'll tell you how to remove the beer belly: for you to develop a complex exercise that will provide the desired result.

If you can not go to the gym - you can do the exercises at home.Exercise every day (one approach):

  • For rectus muscles - lying on your back, knees bent, hands behind his head.Run 10 lifts the torso, the maximum loading the abdominal muscles.Hands does not help.
  • For oblique muscles - lying on your back, knees bent, hands behind his head.Perform 10 lifts the torso.In this alternate elbow of the right hand to pull out of the left knee, then the elbow of his left hand - right up to the knee.
  • to underlying muscles - lying on his back, his hands under the buttocks.Run exercise "scissors" 10 times.

first week - one approach, the second week - two approaches, the third week - three approaches.His perfect figure you can do on your own 15-minute classes in the morning for 3 weeks do wonders.Just three weeks and "how to remove the beer belly" - it will not be your problem.