Election Technology Detect Neutrinos with the selected direction

The proposed technology is based on the assumption of the possibility of a selective detection of neutrinos.Detecting the selected direction.To this end invited to consider two options for detection.The first direction - the use of existing scintillation detectors or bubble chambers, and the environment of their relatively small lead shield to exclude the main part of the background radiation.The main feature - is an automatic computer analysis of emerging tracks, and automatic exclusion of all but arose from a single, we have chosen direction.

Next - the basis of ideas!Attention!In the same direction, in which the computer monitors the tracks outside the chamber and perpendicular to it, is located aligned calibrated with the laser beam lead wire length of several hundred meters.It will simulate and protect rocky soils used in the experiments in the deep mines:


Of course, this protection is only given to the narrow direction, but the detector will work onlyparticles that come from this area.It is understood that the selected destinations can come only particles - neutrinos.

second option detectors based on the assumption that requires further improvements, inspections and investigations.Nuclear physicists know that if the "shoot" target nucleus "head" of the neutrino flux, it happens anisotropy capture cross section, in other words, selective capture only a specific direction.You can run target atoms (ions) to near-light speed, such as proton-proton accelerator.We beat a beam of particles towards the end of the lead wire, and the catch range around the emission spectrum and picture tracks accompanying neutrino capture of the target particle.The probability of side grip (ie interactions with the particles move with a direction transverse to the beam) is negligible, and the spectrum of the collision will be recorded as the difference.The length of the active zone of capture should be significant, offsetting the "inertia" of neutrinos.Perhaps a length of several tens of meters.By the way, the detectors Hadron Super Collider as tens of meters in length.Detectable so neutrinos are not just caught, and caught with strictly certain direction!This is an important result, which can be used.For example, to make a map of the neutrino activity of the solar disk.If you select the direction of the lead wire in the direction of the Sun, and conduct daily monitoring, then after a certain time, the device "prokartiruet" solar disk on neutrino activity.

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It is clear that the cost of the proposed research on the above scheme will be orders of magnitude lower than the cost of today's studies of neutrinos.It is not necessary to spend billions on arrangement of caves deep underground or deep-water installation of detectors on the ocean floor.

device will be possible to place in the building of the Institute for example, and these studies will be able to afford several research groups.Multiple simultaneous measurements in different laboratories will build a three-dimensional map of the density of neutrinos in the Sun localization.Map pockets of internal generation neutrino continuous mapping and discovery of new - this is the monitoring of solar activity.This invaluable importance for scientific information.After all, it had never managed to look inside the real structure of the stellar plasma, to understand how it is structured.This will not only prove or disprove cosmological theories, but also give a real forecasts and predictions of solar activity!