New Player at the compressor Market - Renner Kompressoren

compressor equipment market in Russia is huge.From famous brands to the "dark horses", assembled in the garage.The cost of the equipment and specifications on many broad, that are unfamiliar with this technique the man hard enough to find their way in the whole mass of the compressor equipment.
Not long ago, the Russian market began to make their way well-known German manufacturer of screw compressors «RENNER-Kompressoren», with a rather interesting technical solutions.
Given the rapid growth of interest, the equipment deserves a detailed review.His way
company «RENNER Kompressoren» starts since the beginning of the 90s.Due to the company's policy aimed at low cost obluzhivaniya screw compressor and the highest quality products.Compressors RENNER brand today can rightly be called the leaders of the German market and a very strong player in the Russian market.

shall review the proposed models in Russia.
Basic series is marked «RS», compressors with capacity from 3 to 355 kW.Capacity from 0.24 to 53 m3 / min.The maximum working pressure of 15 atm., The entire line of compressors.An interesting solution - the automatic belt tensioner, which undoubtedly affects the best way to energy efficiency equipment, minimizing slippage sprawling belts on pulleys.Compressor capacity from 75 kW, can be directly driven without the use of a reducer.

«RSDK» - a series of compressors for air tank with dryer.
The capacity of the data are from 3 to 15 kW, are belt drive and belt tensioner.Standard are arranged on the receiver 250 or 500 liters depending on the power.Worthy of note of the decision with the desiccant.Unlike other manufacturers, dehumidifier on this model is not built, it is hung on the back of the compressor.Allowing at any time to remove the desiccant (hold service), the compressor is able to operate.

addition to the two models described, there are compressors with a frequency converter (series RSF), the depth of capacity control from 40 to 100%.

All subsequent series is a series of add-ons to the base «RS».
RSK - compressor with dryer.
up to 45 kW, a refrigerant dryer as standard, with three locations in Russia.But claims representative in Russia, OOO "Professional technology" special projects possible, with adsorption dryers.
RSD - the compressor on a horizontal receiver.

is to provide a unique series of «RS-T» - Twin Power Pack.
pretty interesting series connecting two high-grade compressor in one case and one control system.Compressors Series RS-T has two screw blocks, each block having a screw own motor and control system (two compressors in one).Thanks to this solution increases the maximum capacity of the compressor double, compared with a compressor having a single spiral unit.

Due to the fact that each module has its own screw motor and control system, each unit can work independently, while the second is in «stand-by».In some cases, compressor series RS-T is more effective than the compressor frequency preobrazovatlem.Compressors are run alternately, thereby reducing peak loads on the mains.Switching between the compressor allows for a balanced load.Depending on the consumption of compressed air may run one or both of the compressor.

Now consumers compressor technology is even more difficult to choose.Serving
compressors of different brands, made to a conclusion: the main reliability and availability of technical literature.