As a puff at a hookah all the rules and avoid possible mistakes in its preparation

Hookah - a special device for smoking, which is home to the Middle East.To learn how to puff at a hookah by all the rules, we will describe in this article.

first stage of an exciting process

So, you bought a hookah and want to enjoy a leisurely smoking flavored tobacco at home.In principle, the species "Hukka" - this is called a hookah - a great many.There are large and small appliances, there is a giant who could smoke several people.You can prepare a hookah on plain water, and can add the wine (just to add, and do not use it in its pure form), brandy or other alcohol.There is also a great variety of flavored tobacco for hookah - from classic apple, peach or cherry to exotic, like banana flavoring.Not less popular tobacco is "a mixture of fruit flavors."Charcoal hookah, too, is different, but is considered to be the best coconut or lemon tree wood.If this did not help, buy one that is designed for fast ignition barbecues and bonfires.So now how to puff at a hookah.

"heated" coals

order to not burn the tobacco and hookah flavor was not too strong (so that the smoke is simply impossible to breathe), you need to properly prepare the coals.To do this it is best to take small pieces, so that on the bowl (at the foil) for tobacco they were placed 2-3 pieces.The easiest way to ignite charcoal for hookah, is as follows: the required number of pieces put on the burner plate, turn the gas on the average power and wait for 8-10 minutes.During this time, a little coals turn white.This means that they are ready for use.Special pliers, which usually are included, hot slices to put on a perforated foil.Incidentally, there is a special paper for silver hookah already with small holes in it, moreover, it thicker.But we can take a normal (or foil from chocolate) and pierce a small hole in it with a knife or fork.They should not be many: for silver coating bowl for tobacco medium size is usually enough small holes 15-20.

How to puff at a hookah

So, you can start.Please be a little smoke: tobacco is still a little wet and is poorly lit, but after a couple of minutes, he will dry up, and the process goes properly.By the way, if you feel you can not breathe in smoke, because it became too tart and bitter, remove a couple of embers, this will help.And if, on the contrary, a little smoke - Put a little more coal.Over time, you'll find the right combination and you will know better than any of the experts and the process of how to puff at a hookah, and how to determine the right amount of eye and tobacco and coal.But newcomers make several common mistakes, so smoking hookah for them turns into a real meal - the smoke just does not go.Next, we will discuss how to avoid it.

Why not lighting a hookah: errors

If you did everything correctly, then after a few minutes will be able to fully enjoy the aroma of hookah tobacco.But it also happens that the device is called, does not work - the smoke from the mouth is not.Why is that?This is for several reasons:

1. Check whether the rubber gasket is passed between the bowl of water and air by the tripod hookah.To do this, you may have to assemble and disassemble the device for smoking again, carefully record all the possible "leakage".

2. You poured into the cup too much water - in this case, smoking hookah is possible, but will not smoke as much as with the correct filling of the container (usually a liquid is poured by one-third, half maximum).

3. You warmed up enough coal - if the pieces have not reached the desired temperature, as tobacco is to burn? .. This is one of the main mistakes beginners who are still learning the art of how to inflame shisha all the rules.

4. Finally, you may have noticed that the tobacco itself in the package is in a little wet when placing it in the bowl should be slightly wring his hands.Otherwise, it will be extremely difficult to smoke.

Thus, theoretically, even if you know how to puff at a hookah, but a novice in this case, the above list will help avoid common mistakes, as a result, you can easily and quickly organize the process.

Terms of smoking hookah in the East: what can and can not

begin with, that the tradition of hookah smoking - quite old, and in the Middle East like a very popular pastime.But there are some nuances and rules that you need to know the tourist, as a kind of violation of the "hookah" etiquette can be viewed as disrespect for next sitting.So:

  • is strictly forbidden to light a cigarette from a hookah coals.
  • submitting mouthpiece other smokers, do not be surprised if he's a little slap on the hand you have - this is just a way of expressing gratitude.Do the same thing.
  • All establishments serving hookah, offering him tips, disposable mouthpieces for the purpose of hygiene.They decided to use, and very indecent hookah transfer to another person, without removing it from its one-time mouthpiece.

And, of course, if you ordered a hookah (as is customary in the East) to a few people, do not smoke it alone more than 4-5 minutes.Others, too, are waiting for their turn, and as much as you like to inhale the fragrant smoke.In this article, we described how to ignite a hookah all the rules.Now you yourself can invite friends home and have a kind of a party in the eastern style.