The market economy - this is a special and unique social organization

market economy - a special social organization, which is based on the doctrine of separation of any labor provided that the lion's share of the means of production is firmly passed into private hands.

The main principle of the system is to work only on myself, "every man for himself" all the actions being taken to meet their own needs.But in the end they are going to execute and the needs of strangers.In the end, it turns out that each individual in such an economy works for the benefit of others.

market economy - is a system where anyone is not the only purpose of the productive forces, but at the same time it means, as well as tool and the meaning of all the activities of the system.Thus, the market controls the whole of the existing system, it directs the actions of each screw, and as a result everything is working well and smoothly.However, it is worth remembering that the management of the market is not based on coercion nor violence.The market economy - this is an area where the government and all its tools of social coercion do not fit and do not interfere.It only protects the market if some of its members suddenly begin to act to the detriment of the overall system and coordinated work of all its parts.The state in this example serves as a guarantor of life, the rights of private property, health, protection of people and the market system from corrosive elements, swindlers, criminals and external enemies.Market economy - it is an organism that exists in a particular environment that creates and supports the government.

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Referring to the wording of Marx, the market economy has been characterized as a structure in which there is no subordination to a single center, there is someone set a task for the parts of the market mechanism, there is no obedience to someone alone.Each element in this system is free, it does not experience any influence despotism.Everyone acts purely voluntarily chooses a role in the overall structure.But the market was already only sends and incidentally shows where to apply the talents and abilities.Thus, a market bosses of all public and social structure.

However, there is an organization and a more human face - a socially oriented market economy.However, it can not interfere with or confused with the often discussed in the world politics and history, but never embodied in the life of a system of social interaction, where there is division of labor.Call it can be different (communism, state capitalism, socialism), but ownership of it social or state.The thing is that the market economy (ie capitalism) can not be combined with the social economy.You can not build any of their symbiosis, or mixed version, although such attempts are often made.

modern market economy, of course, take into account the role of the state.It even has a certain property, but this fact does not mean mixing the capitalist and socialist systems.

After such property does not change any of the basic features of market economy.All companies, all production is still playing on the market laws.

Only the market, not the government, puts everything in its place and decide for whom, in particular, strike action taken by the Government, who are more hurt by the state raised taxes, what will happen to the production and consumption.That is exactly the market determines the consequences and determine the conditions of the game.