The population of Kazakhstan - a complex and interesting history of the formation

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Population of Kazakhstan in the near future may be closer to the mark of 17 million people.The history of the composition and abundance of living in this country is interesting because there were periods when the indigenous population of the region was significantly less than the coming nation.

population of Kazakhstan has been left unchanged since ancient times to the 18th century amounted to about 1 million people.First, there lived tribes of the Iranian group, which at the beginning of the new millennium gave way to the Turkic tribes orientation.However, everything changed in the early 20th century, when during the Stolypin reforms on Kazakh territory for farming was directed by Russian and Ukrainian families.Until now, the share of Russian, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Poles and others. To the north of the country up to 40-70 percent.

In the 20th century, reducing the number of Kazakhs and other nationalities contributed famine of the early 30s, when a number of families left the territory of Kazakhstan to China and other Soviet republics.The population of Kazakhstan in the years lost about one and a half million people.After 1935, Kazakhstan has become home to a number of peoples of Soviet Russia, who were forcibly deported to the region.These were transported Poles, Germans, Chechens, Ingush.Moving happened tens of thousands of people, which led to a reduction in the number of Kazakhs to 30% in 1959.In the 50-60s of the 20th century the population of the republic was supplemented again by settlers who came to develop the virgin lands in the region.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union in the country intensified immigration flows, as a result of which the population of Kazakhstan lost about 63-64% of the Germans living there, about 28-29% Russian, 24-25% of the Tatars, left many Belarusians (38%the total number of living).Instead, the actual increase in the number of Kazakhs (22%) and representatives of the Uzbek, Uyghur, Kurdish nationality (11, 13 and 28 percent, respectively).

In its basic mass of the population of Kazakhstan professes the Muslim faith.In second place (27%) is Christian.The most widespread in the country is Russian.It fluent in about 95% of the population and about 85% speak both oral and written language.The Kazakh language is best to speak Kazakhs and Uzbeks - 98.4 and 95.5 percent, respectively.

Kazakhstan, whose population stands at 61 spot (at the end of 2012) in the list of countries around the world, is a country where the urban population is comparable in size with the rural (9.1 and 7.6 million, respectively).The birth rate in the country exceeds the death rate by half.At the end of 2011 to 1000 people 22-23 born child, while residents of Kazakhstan are four times more likely to get married than divorced.According to statistical projections, by 2020 the population of this state may increase to 18.5 - 18.6 million people.The latter figure is calculated by taking into account external and internal migration, and the first - at constant parameters of fertility, mortality, migration and others.

ethnic composition of modern Kazakhstan over diverse - there are about 130 nationalities, of which the most numerous are (in descending order), Kazakhs, Russian, Ukrainians, Germans.