known that it is very difficult to get things done, not knowing what, when and how to do to get results.Planning enables us to coordinate the action envisaged, as well as provide for the consequences of delayed or did not do business.
planning will be most effective if you follow the points:

1. Decide what period of your time you will plan - day, 3 days a week, 2 weeks or 2 months.

2. Check your weekly and / or monthly calendar to celebrate meetings and events that are scheduled for this period.

3. remember your previous plan last week / month, and make a list of unfinished business and unresolved issues, without focusing on the order of their performance and the need for solutions.

4. noted the challenges and issues that need to be addressed by the project, discuss the issue.Add them to create a list, just not focusing on the order of their execution.

5. View list compiled by Thee, and see what can and must be done in a planned period of time first.That is, mark targets and action priorities during the planning period: A (the most important), B, and C (the least important)

6. Plan the date and time selected cases.Those without a precise time just leave things written on a sheet to complete them as needed during the planning period.

7. Imagine how the planned Thee things will fit into your daily / weekly / other planning period (whether you do it or it will make someone else).Also consider how compiled list can be reorganized to work was the most effective.

8. Plan your unexpected obstacles that could derail the planned decision of questions, especially if you plan everything very carefully.Of course, these "unplanned" things as gain in the lottery, for example, can only be helpful.

9. on your calendar at the end of the planning period, a note of the need to plan work again!

How often do you need to plan?
It depends on the situation.If in your life and work are not so many meetings and important events, the best option for you - once a week to plan.Managers usually need to plan activities every day.It is also helpful to plan the completion of affairs before leaving on vacation or to the last date of the project.

When is the best plan?
also depends on the situation.For many, it is more convenient to do it in the morning;others prefer the evening before the end of the working day.If you make up a weekly plan, it is more convenient to do it on Sunday.If you do not have an accurate self-selected and the necessary priorities and drawing up action of the big picture is difficult, perhaps you need to note the specific issues and challenges in the form of the indicative list.

If you have a clear idea of ​​the work plan, and you're really involved in what you're doing, a good result of your work is not long to wait!

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