How to choose polycarbonate for greenhouses?

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With the arrival of spring, many farmers and owners of private plots begin to think about the construction of greenhouses.Previously, they used glazed shelter, but today it was replaced by a more modern and comfortable material - polycarbonate.It is clear, more durable and economical.Also happy gardeners and a large range of these products.For them, it is important to know how to choose polycarbonate greenhouses to make the building, which will stand for more than one year.

What is polycarbonate?

Polycarbonate is composed of several thin plates.There may be two or three.Plates arranged parallel to each other and held together by thin webs, which are strengthening ribs.This makes the coated polycarbonate is very reliable.This product has a different weight.The bearing capacity of the material will be higher, if the sheet is heavy.If polycarbonate is too light weight, it is resistant to wind and snow loads.Because the material is plastic and lightweight, it can be used in the creation of any buildings.The advantage of polycarbonate is its combustibility and.During a fire, it melts, but does not release harmful substances.Despite the fact that the active material has a high rigidity, it is well bent.Due to this quality it is used in the arched structures, as well as in the construction of translucent domes.There are some models of polycarbonate, which have enhanced protection from ultraviolet radiation, making use of polycarbonate more extensive.

What size polycarbonate sheets are best used for covering greenhouses?

mainly polycarbonate has standard dimensions.They can be 12h2,1 6,0h2,1 m or m. To cover the greenhouses you can use any of them, but it's easier to find a product with the size 6,0h2,1 m. In any case, the polycarbonate can be easily cut and removed unnecessary length.The main role here will play a sheet thickness.It may be from 4 mm to 32 mm.Before you choose polycarbonate for greenhouses, should consider the relationship between the money.It is not necessary to purchase too thick sheets.Suffice it to take and 4 mm products.If desired, one can select and 6 mm sheet, but in this case the construction will be much more expensive.

on what to look for when choosing polycarbonate for greenhouses?

Despite the fact that the appearance of all the polycarbonate sheets are identical, they have significant differences.Their range is quite wide and varied.When choosing polycarbonate for greenhouses should pay attention to its strength and transparency.It depends on what the life of a product will have.It is important to look at the quality of the surface protective layer.If it is uneven or absent, the material does not last for more than three years.After a while the polycarbonate becomes turbid and brittle.Therefore it is very important to know how to choose polycarbonate for greenhouses.If you want the product has served 10 years or more, then you should choose a quality production.Chinese goods in this case is not so attractive.It is better to buy products of a large company, which provides a guarantee on their products.When choosing polycarbonate should pay attention to the packaging.The sheets must be packed on both sides in a special film transport.On the side of polycarbonate, which has an ultraviolet protection, must be affixed color film with inscriptions.

What you need to consider in order to make good the greenhouse?

Before proceeding to the construction of the greenhouse, you should all be carefully considered and planned.It is necessary to take into account various factors that may influence the design.First, consider the size of the greenhouse.It should take into account the size of polycarbonate sheets.Very important in this case is the width.Before you make a greenhouse out of polycarbonate, it is necessary to think that it should be easy to work with.The best option - to make two longitudinal ridges and a small passage between them.From these dimensions will depend on the width of the greenhouse.Of course, it can be made large structure with a large number of beds, permitting portion and financial capabilities.If you need to save money and resources to build the greenhouse is not much, if not necessarily all to do her part in polycarbonate.The variant, when one of them is made of wood or any other material, which was handy.

Building a greenhouse - laying the foundation

Before starting the installation of greenhouses made of polycarbonate, it is necessary to lay the foundation under it.To design stood for a long and reliable, it is better to use a traditional belt structure.It is not necessary to make a deep tie.Of course, it will take a lot of time and work, but then greenhouse will stand for many years without requiring maintenance.If the problem is not to make a durable design, and you can do without foundations.Sometimes people make the greenhouse for several years, and then demolished or set it at another location.

next step - choose the form of the greenhouse

Once the foundation has been prepared, it is possible to think over the future shape of the greenhouse.Many private entrepreneurs to build their sites in the form of an arch structure or house.With the use of polycarbonate first option becomes much more preferable.This is due primarily to the fact that it is much easier to cover the roofs of several large sheets in the form of an arch.By such a method can be made more attractive and beautiful greenhouses polycarbonate.Photos, price, and ease of use of finished products is confirmed.These greenhouses will be more tight, do not need to do a lot of seams, as it is with a gable roof.In addition to the arch designs, you can make a greenhouse and a straight roof having a ramp on one side.This option is also quite acceptable.

What material is used as a frame?

Before choosing polycarbonate for greenhouses, and should consider what kind of material will be used as a framework.Earlier in his role advocated tree.It is now quite popular, but many prefer to choose a more reliable and durable metal.If you choose wood, work with it will be much easier.In addition, this material is environmentally friendly.However, you must take care of a tree.That it does not rot, it has several times a year to paint the entire frame, because the greenhouse is high humidity, which is bad for the tree.The use of metal in that plane will be more advantageous.It is enough to handle anti-corrosion coating, and it does not require frequent painting.There can be used a metal profile or pipe.The first material is cheaper, but the second more robust.If the design is arched, then it makes sense to use as a frame of metal arc.It will be more convenient and faster.

Tips on building high-quality greenhouse

To greenhouse was of high quality and easy to use, you must follow a few simple tips.So, it is necessary to choose only the best polycarbonate for greenhouses.Deciding to save and choose low-quality Chinese products, can significantly lose money later.If the sheets of polycarbonate will not be protected from ultraviolet radiation, they rapidly lose their quality.When constructing greenhouses should be well thought out its ventilation, or use of it is not, moreover, because of this, can appear all kinds of pests.It is not necessary to drill the arc frame to secure the polycarbonate.Better for this use a special bracket that will prevent corrosion.

The process greenhouse polycarbonate?

making reliable greenhouse for many years, and it should consider treatment.Should take into account such a point, as the presence of various microorganisms in the soil.They can be quite harmful, settling is not only on the soil cover, but also on the walls of the greenhouse.That is why they should be periodically disinfected.It's enough to wash the greenhouse soapy water inside and out.This should be done with the arrival of spring.Moreover, one can also use bleach.It is necessary to spray everything inside the greenhouse.To get rid of all pests, also used his sword sulfuric smoke that kills all germs.