Organza - fabric lightness and tenderness

Organza - fabric, timeless throughout the years.It is always associated with something easy, gentle and air.At the mere mention of it once represented luxury flowers in a cloud of ultra-light fabric, gift bags, or any holiday decor.

What is Organza?

It really is weightless and transparent, but at the same time tough and durable fabric.It is made of viscose, silk or polyester.The technology of its manufacturing method is twisting two fibers of these materials.That's why it has a silvery sheen and shimmers in the sun.

To this effect it is specially treated thread, which is a very complex process.In addition, the filaments themselves must be flawless, transparent, thin and strong.Even from synthetic fibers is not easy to get such a thread, and only natural and even more so.Therefore, before organza and was very expensive, as is made only of silk or rayon, which is very expensive materials.

Now in most cases it is made of polyester synthetic fibers (polyester).That's why modern organza - cloth, the price is much lower, which made it so accessible and popular.

In addition, many of the properties and it is bound to polyester.It is not wrinkled, it does not fade, very durable, and has excellent light and air.

Types organza

This transparent fabric can be both matte and glossy.Today is a very effective form of organza fabric.Description of its processing involves many ways.With the punching and laser cutting through it applied to all kinds of patterns used etching and printing, as well as decorated with different embroidery.

Especially popular are the new fashion kinds - organza is coated (silver or gold) and Tighting.As well as "rainbow", which is a fabric whose color changes from one to another, and the chameleon-organza.This fabric is made in a special way in which the filaments are interwoven so that illumination from different angles may change their color.


thanks to some "prickliness" and stiffness organza designers love to use in interior design.This property allows it to create fragile, though careless folds in the drapes and swags, and the combination of several colors further enhances the effect of the decor.

unusually gentle, though ephemeral haze looks of this fabric tulle.Organza gives it lightness and ease.And these curtains can arrange living room, bedroom or kitchen.

addition, organza sew wedding dresses, evening dresses and east.

Pro design bouquets, decoration of premises on the holiday and have already become familiar FEATHERS not worth reminding.Such usage organza everyone knows.

Product Care organza

gentle, air, clear, easy - as has been said, all these qualities differ organza.Fabric that combines these properties being strong enough, still requires a delicate and gentle care.

Wash it is not only possible, but necessary, but should know how to do it correctly.

Washing powder should be soft.

When machine washing is only delicate cycle, the temperature of which does not exceed + 40ยบ C, the function of "spin" it is desirable to disable.

Hand washing is preferable.Cloth soaked in water to dilute the powder, give a little postayanno, and then gently squeezing on all sides, remove the dirt.Twisting the prohibited items that can damage the fabric fibers.

Rinse should also be taken with caution.The machine includes delicate washing and rinsing the appropriate mode, and erasing organza hand, need warm water, rinse it several times, then leave in the pelvis to the water glass, and only then hang up.

Does ironing organza?The fabric even when washing the little crumpled, but if you want the chance to iron it, it is necessary to choose the iron regime of "silk" or "synthetic", not using humidification.

As you can see, following these rules, it is easy to care for.So do not be afraid in your everyday life to use this fabric.

hung in his house light tulle organza, you create an easy and relaxed atmosphere in the room, because this fabric is so beautiful and really creates a festive mood.