Phantom - an analogue of the ghost

Phantom called some analogue ghost.Many times people see such phenomena.Such evidence always caused and will cause great interest among the public, as well as all the mysterious and the paranormal.Phantom - is not only the ghost of a man.Often, so-called whole panoramic phenomenon occasionally observed at most in so-called "places of power", "anomalous zones", etc.

One of the most famous of these areas can be called IPB.This area is located far from the eponymous village in the Perm region.There phantom - it can be said, commonplace.Very often, for example, extravagant tourists visiting IPB, seen on the walls of the tents at night some "cartoons" - bizarre, dancing shadows.

Not so long ago on the TV channel Russia could see the story about the anomalous zone.The program tells about one of the students who visited the IPB.According to him, in this place he always felt kind of depressing and incomprehensible fear.But the real shock of the student experienced after showed photos taken in this hike.One of them could clearly notice a black transparent shade next to the tent tourist outlines strongly resembles a human silhouette.Phantom - so in this case it is a real phenomenon, as in the rest of the photos taken at a different time, nothing like that is not visible.

There are many similar pictures taken in the past and in the present.Most popular of them - "Serious lady", which you can see in the first picture.It is the stories of murdered her own husband, and since then she resides in his former mansion, at times frightening curiosity.The second most famous picture can be called from the car sitting in the back seat is easily visible man.However, this is not a real traveler and phantom.The photo was taken a few years after the death of this man.

Our age has broken all records for captured on film cameras and camcorders visions.Experts attribute this to the current availability of this kind of technology.After all, the camera is good enough now costs no more than 10,000 rubles.However, phantom - it is not necessarily an amateur story to prove the existence of some supernatural forces.For those who buy video cameras, often learn to use them on their own, freely adjusting parameters such as sharpness and brightness.Perhaps as a result of such experiments will eventually appear in films and all kinds of "ghosts" and "vision".

Phantoms in 2013 in large numbers can be seen in the thematic programs.There are really spectacular shots.However, many do look more like ordinary defects shooting.For example, the image of translucent beads sealed chambers, which many believe by some mysterious "entities".Most often it is nothing more than the drops of rain, which appeared in the image.As an example, the author can bring his own to make a photo (recently).During shooting, I sprinkled a little drizzle.Hence, the balls that, if you look closely, you can see in the picture.In other photos, taken a few seconds later, nothing of the kind, as suddenly as the rain began and ended.