Miss Russia - far from the homeland

About the contest "Miss Russia" held in 20-30-ies of the last century ...

first title of "Miss Russia 1929" received the 18-year-old Valentine Osterman, who emigrated from Rostov to Berlin.

A day Osterman was disqualified because she was not a refugee from the "Nansen" passports, as a citizen of Germany, which did not meet the conditions of the competition.And the location of the first beauty took Vice Miss - 16-year-old Irina Levitsky French Meudon.She left Russia for 8 years, graduated from high school at a Catholic monastery."Because I wanted to make a nun, and entered the" Miss Russia ", - he said in an interview with Irina.She refused to sign the proposed her a contract and studios decided to start painting.The first contest among Russian beauties have decided to hold in Paris: an influential emigre magazine "Illustrated Russia" chose "the queen of the Russian colony.She was the daughter of the vice-governor of Kutaisi Irina Veyttsel.

While most prestigious competitions of the Old World was t

he "Miss Europe", which carried out the Parisian newspaper Le Journal and L'Intransigeant.In 1928, his inspirer, journalist Maurice de Valef decided that in the crown of European beauties are missing Russian diamond.But the Frenchman did not dare to propose to the Council to organize such a "bourgeois undertaking" as "Miss Russia"."Now there can be no question of elections to produce a Russian beauty in Moscow, - says journalist - which would have to wait a long time a new flowering of beauty.Instead of sending the most beautiful Russian girl, the Politburo would be seconded to Paris Komsomol, the most suitable for the ideal Kollontay. "Therefore, the elections Russian beauties have decided to hold in Paris, where there were many "refugees with the finest features, with calm clarity in his eyes, ennobled their suffering and grief," and entrusted the conduct of their popular "Illustrated Russia."

Russian colony in France alone, at that time there were about 200 thousand immigrants, so it was from whom to choose "Miss Russia".Interestingly, beauty contest conditions have changed slightly over the past nearly 80 years.Participants invited "Russian women aged 16 to 25 years old, unmarried, good conduct," living in all European countries, but having the opportunity to come to Paris for the recording and final of the competition, accompanied by older family members.To participate in the election of female candidates had to "come to the ordinary urban suit", even though in the finals the jury asked their defile "in coat and hat."The jury of "Miss Russia" is the most famous figures of culture and art of the Russian emigration: writer Alexander Kuprin, Ivan Bunin and Hope Taffy, ballerina Olga Preobrazhenskaya, dancer Serge Lifar, artists Konstantin Korovin and Alexander Benois.

In 1931, the title of "Miss Russia" received a 19-year-old daughter of singer Fyodor Chaliapin Marina, who studied ballet and performed on the stage of the Grand Opera in Paris.

Many years later she winner recalled: "It was not any competition, and I have chosen in advance." Joy to her to no avail, because "in those days, to you for all declared the" beauty "- so it's a shame!". The winners of the contest"Miss Russia have been very popular in the Russian colony, and among the French. They organized soirees and balls, their portraits appear on the covers of magazines and on postcards.

In 1933, the title of" Miss Russia "has won Tatyana Maslova. 19-year-old daughterofficer of the Black Sea Fleet, who was shot by Red Army soldiers, held in five languages ​​and is a "model of Russian classical beauty." She became the first Russian woman, who received the title of "Miss Europe". Since the mid 20-ies of XX century was carried out and a beauty contest "MissEurope ", whose founders were two popular French newspapers. Russia in 1929 were in it the lucky ones, who were crowned at the Paris competition of Russian beauties" Miss Russia -1929 "Irina Levitsky," Miss Russia - 1930 "Irina Wenzel," Miss Russia- 1931 "Marina Chaliapin, the daughter of the great Russian singer," Miss Russia - 1932 "Nina Paul, but the European laurels are not won.

April 19, 1933, four days before the opening of the next contest "Miss Russia" in the editorial "Illustrated Russia" from Vilna came the following letter: "In connection with your announcement regarding the contest" Miss Russia ", as the Russian people, which is expensiveall Russian and all that could be proud of Russia, enclose herewith photos Tatiana Maslova describing her personality.I humbly beg to tell me what are necessary documents certifying her Russian origins, as well as whether to permit the mother ... Tatiana - the daughter of an officer of the Black Sea Fleet, who was shot during the Civil War in the south of Russia.19 years;height 168;fluent in five languages ​​and is an example of Russian classic beauty ... ".The author was the Vilna newspaper reporter of the newspaper "Russian word" A. Dugorin.

All anything, speculated in Paris, and how to contact with Vilna, if all the participants have gathered before the credentials committee is only three days.By mail - will not succeed.All agreed the phone call of the contenders, who said that it is ready at his own expense with the mother immediately left for Paris.And Vilna beauty showed up in the French capital on Saturday April 22 and Sunday 23rd she was elected "Miss Russia".The contest "Miss Europe" in 1933 scheduled for the end of May in Spain.A month after the triumph in Paris, graduated from the Vilnius Gymnasium Tatiana Maslova arrived in Madrid.Local public already knew her from photographs and met her at the train station cries of "Vivat, Russia!".Contestant took the president of Spain, in honor of the girls was arranged colorful bullfighting.May 28 at the Palace of Fine Arts in Madrid inaugurated the competition.At first, the girls were supposed to defile before the audience in the hall.Then each of them, in alphabetical order called to the scene, to the table of the jury.

only "freedom", which is then allowed to participants, so it is at the request of the jury to the eyes of the audience or that so-called "plastic pose."After the screening of the second round of the competition took place "mission" from Spain, France, Hungary, and the "Miss Russia - 1933" Maslov, at the end of which the finalists were invited to the stage, and the chairman of the jury solemnly declared: - "Ladies and gentlemen, a majority vote of the title" MissEurope "is awarded Tatiana Maslova," - and on the Russian beauty laid scarlet ribbon with the inscription "Miss Europe".

Generally speaking, the organizing committee of the contest "Miss Russia" promised that "in the case of the award of the title of the first beauty of Europe's Russian female candidate, the latter travels to America and back by the same organizing committee ...".See the New World Tatyana Maslova was not possible, she was offered a trip to Portugal ....Then the beauty returned to Vilna and kept there for a surprisingly modest life.Marriage is not sought, although fans she had done.They say that in love with her wealthy young man, a Dutchman.He appeared in Vilnius in the chic white car, what is not seen.For cars noisy crowd ran the local boys.There is a rumor that a Dutchman Tatiana could not agree on the "ideological reasons", they say, boyfriend fond of entertaining music, she has received a classical education at the Pushkin school, of course, favored classical music.The Dutchman left Vilna and left empty-handed.

Beauty contest winner not long went to girls as a rule, they go out and get married in a year of triumph, and in the words of one of the newspapers of that time, "the majority of the most beautiful Russian girls to become good Russian women.There is every reason to rejoice over his "mission."Already linked by family ties himself the winner of the contest "Miss Russia -1934" Ekaterina Antonova and Tatyana Maslova still lived together with her mother.But in Europe about it yet pomnili.Parizhskaya emigre newspaper "Nasha Zarya" in the room from 7th July 1936 wrote about his personal life beauties like: "T.A. Maslov, who had recently come from the Vilna to Paris, jokingly said: "I am waiting for my Prince Charming ...".We know that the handsome prince suddenly appear in a variety of guises.Let us hope that it will be worthy of it has chosen the most beautiful women in Europe in 1933.I must admit that the TA Maslov wore the title on the right, as anybody. "And maybe just because Tatiana Maslova, and embodied a collective image of "refugees with the finest features, with calm clarity in his eyes, ennobled their suffering and sorrow."

All Fairytale Princess are the same for their princes.However, on this happy event, and they all come to an end.And then assumed serene and happy life, the details of which fairy tales are not told.In the Pushkin anniversary in 1937 Tatiana Maslova still an unmarried girl when brilliantly played the role of Tatyana Larina in "Eugene Onegin" in the gymnasium play.Before the Second World War, that is, until September 1, 1939, when Hitler attacked Poland, the time left - nothing at all.They say if Tatiana Maslova before the war still married seemingly unremarkable man twenty years her senior - Karaite from Trakai, a lawyer by profession.Soon after the wedding, the couple allegedly had left Vilna in Germany.According to another version, made by a former Vilna schoolgirls interwar pores Maslow married a Polish officer, but the marriage was short-lived, and "Miss Europe-1933" went abroad.In both versions she had passed away at a relatively young age.

Miss Russia 1936 became the Ariadne Alekseyevna Gedeonov.Her grandfather, Stepan A. Gideon combined two posts - was the director of the Imperial Hermitage and the Imperial Theatre.

The tenth anniversary competition was held June 17, 1938.Eugene Dashkevich was the "Miss Russia-38", the second place was taken by Princess Olga Obolensky on the occasion of the anniversary of the festival was attended by many guests - representatives of the French and international press, major figures of Russian art and a lot of young people.The next day, the winners were honored the Society of Friends of Russian art.

Family Eugene Dashkevich settled after the revolution in Germany, and in 1929 moved to France.Here Eugene worked as a fashion model, trying to act in films, was fond of dancing, sports and tourism, dream travel around the world.

Olga Obolensky was born in Stockholm, where he worked for her father, a former Moscow prosecutor.After moving to France and graduation Olga she danced in the ballet troupe.She was fond of singing, horseback riding, swimming, traveling.

All the contenders of the last pre-war beauty contest were born in immigration.The title of "Miss Russia-39" was awarded a charming Irina Borodulina.She is interested in Russian and French literature, dance and dreamed of becoming an actress.

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