MTS Internet settings in the phone: there is nothing easier!

MTS Internet settings in the phone - enough simple operation, which is in most cases happen automatically.But there are exceptions, when something goes wrong.In such cases it is necessary to do it manually.However, nothing complicated about it, the task everyone can easily cope with.That is, it will be described in stages within the material.

Can the phone?

First you need to know is whether your phone supports wireless data transmission.Although the court of XX century, but still such devices are not uncommon.This is a "dialer", which are ideal for phone calls and exchange SMS.In more they are not designed.They do not support wireless communication, and as a result of setting the Internet MTS phone of this class is not possible.Learn detailed information on this subject can be in the operating instructions on the machine or the manager of the store.In extreme cases, this information is available from the operator on the phone 0880. The call, of course, free.


In most cases, after you install a SIM card, and when you first start the device automatically checks the MTS essential values ​​in its database.If they are found, the settings of the Internet MTS phone are sent to the subscriber.Then they only need to take and keep.Then you need to arrange permission for traffic.To do this, we ring for 0880 (contract) or 0022 (for pre-paid) and by following the answerphone, prepare an application.When inserted correctly and after a call to service numbers can launch the browser and try to visit any site.It must be open.An important caveat to smartphones - to gain access to the global web has to be checked, allowing the exchange of data.This option is set in the settings.If this does not happen, the configuration of the Internet on the phone MTS can be made manually.


much more difficult to make this operation manual.To do this, go to: "Setup / Configuration / Standard parameters" (the path may vary depending on the model: in this case, it is fair to the owners "of Nokia").Open any of the available connections and fill the field.The title compounds were administered «MTS Internet».The access point in this case - typed data channel, which in our case - a "packet data (GPRS)».Username and password are identical - «mts».Item "Request password" is set to "no."All other parameters remain unchanged.This manual configuration of the Internet MTS phone over.You can run a browser and go to any site.It also should not forget that the service can be disabled when not enough money in the account.This point must also be taken into account.


In this article was described in phases internet connection on the phone MTS.Most often, this operation is done automatically, without the user.We only accept and store the values ​​received.If something went wrong, then we do a manual setup.In an extreme case, you can call the operator on 0880, and to consult.