How to cook pasta in multivarka "Redmond"

The modern woman is constantly running out of time.It is literally torn between work and home.Sometimes you have to resort to the help of relatives, but what if they can not help, or you live alone?Household duties has not been canceled, which means that you spend on them after work is still a lot of time.In order not to bother cooking, buy multivarku.From there you can take a break from cooking and do their business or to devote time to the child.As once you have entrusted your belongings laundry washing machine can now entrust cooking multivarka.You do not need to constantly be at the stove, stirring something.If you recently purchased this wonderful invention, you can learn to cook it at first simple meals.In this article, we'll show you how to cook pasta in multivarka "Redmond."Below we give a few recipes.

Pasta nautically

you need :

  1. pasta (about 250g).
  2. Minced meat - 250 g
  3. 2 onions.
  4. Sunflower oil.
  5. Sol.
  6. Butter.

Preparation Peel the onions peeled, finely chop.Turn multivarku in her bowl, pour a little oil, add to it the onion and fry it on the program "Bake."After that, put the stuffing, and turn the program for 15 minutes.After completion of the start to cook pasta in multivarka "Redmond."Add them to the meat with onions, pour water, put the butter, including the program "Pilaf" for one hour.That's all!Macaroni in multivarka "Redmond" ready, they do not stick together, have a good taste and will delight all the members of your family.

Another recipe - pasta in multivarka "Redmond-M110" (as it is called model) with sausages.

You will need the following products :

  1. piece of butter.
  2. Frankfurters.
  3. Pasta (450 g).
  4. Water - 2 liters, can be a little less.
  5. Sol.


Turn multivarku, pour into a bowl of water and put on a program of "Pasta" 13 minutes.Then open the cover and drop to pasta, salt and oil.Also, add the sausages.After that again include a program of 13 minutes.If you think a dish is not fully prepared, we recommend that you leave it in the heating mode for 15 minutes.Macaroni in multivarka "Redmond" ready.Designed for 7-8 portions and the large volume of the cup.If you want to cook smaller portions, reduce by half the number of products.

With these dishes you will be able to feed all of their relatives.Beginners multivaram advised not to stop there!In a short time you can try to use the "Delay Start" and not waste time on cooking dinner.Coming home from work, you'll be able to eat freshly prepared food.All you need to do - is to put the ingredients in the bowl, turn on the desired program.Multivarka prepare tasty food in time for your arrival.It is especially easy to do with the delayed start pasta in multivarka "Redmond-4503" (the so-called new model of the device).

Enjoy your appetite and success in cooking!We wish you to spend more time on vacation, multivarka successfully prepare meals for you.