What is the basis Litigation

Legal representation is of great importance in the modern judicial system.Under the current law, in civil cases, a people can be almost any competent person.Should the Defender have a law degree?Even here it has absolutely no value.

Types of legal representation

It can be clerks or treaty.Also, in certain cases it may be mandatory.When this takes place?For example, when one of the parties is incapacitated or minor citizen.The obligation to represent the interests of these persons is a guardian, parent or guardian.In this case, it will take part in the so-called legal representative.An interesting fact is that he can delegate to represent the interests of a minor or an incapacitated person to another.

As we have said, the restrictions on representation in civil law are the minimum (can not represent the interests of incompetent principals and some others).With all of this is clearly aware of the fact that the right to present the position and win the job in most cases, can only be a person with experience in court cases and a good legal education.

Litigation common, because it is the most affordable.Importantly, by the way, know that the principal is free to attend court hearings in which its interests are represented by someone else.In general, however, its presence has no meaning.

How to legal representation?Here the issue is to make out very carefully.The fact is that we need a power of attorney.In previous years, it was necessary as its notarization.What has changed now?Now it is made much easier: the principal assured and sign it, and a certain organization assures that in this document, it is his signature.What kind of organization?According to the CPC, it is possible to assure the place of work or study in the HOA, and so on.In fact, the options abound.If none of them does not fit, then go to the notary.Standard cost of services - one thousand rubles.

possible legal representation without issuing a power of attorney?Yeah maybe.Simply, the plaintiff or the defendant at the time of the meeting made an oral petition which will continue to be recorded in the minutes.All elementary simple!

expensive to cost legal representation?It all depends on what kind of qualifications has chosen representative.The cost of such services can be prohibitively high, but the winning party may require that the losing not only meet the basic claims, and fully reimburse the costs to the representative.Basically, if you do it right, do not have to spend money at all.The main thing that it was decided it was in your favor.Note also that the court has the right to cut the cost of representation services.