Driving without insurance - what that means?

mandatory for any driver documents - driver's license, registration certificate and insurance.In the absence of at least one of them, he has no right to control the car.Today we will talk about insurance, about the rules of its preparation and on what threatens to drive without insurance.

Auto - a kind of insurance protection, designed to defend the financial interests of the car owner in case of damage, theft or accident involving his car.At the moment there are two types of auto insurance: mandatory (insurance) and voluntary insurance (CASCO).

From the title it is clear that insurance (stands for "compulsory motor liability insurance") - a mandatory procedure, the conditions for granting and tariffs are set by law.Hull is also a service provided by insurance companies, therefore, the conditions and rates as dictated by them.

If you have provoked the accident, insurance reimburses the damage caused by the affected vehicles.If in this situation you are right, then you have to demand payment from the insurance company repair the culprit.If you use the services of CASCO, the insurance company is obliged to pay the costs in any event.There is another difference between the two systems: the insurance indemnifies only in case of an accident, and CASCO - in the case of an accident, damage, theft or breakage.What exactly to choose depends on your decision.

Driving without insurance insurance, as mentioned above, is inadmissible, in any case, impose a fine on you, no matter whether you have forgotten to renew the policy or simply left it at home.

consider the second case: you have forgotten form of insurance at home, and it's actually you have not expired, and you have entered into it.In this case, the thumbnail CEAAE provides a warning or a fine.Driving without insurance will cost in this case is 100 rubles.

If the driver is arrested while driving in the insurance period is not provided, it will be fined 300 rubles or ban further operation to remove the cause.Under this usually fall vacationers, insuring your vehicle to the summer.

often the case that you urgently need to put the driver behind the wheel, do not fit into the form.Driving without insurance in this case will cost in 300 rubles, plus CU delay before the car owner.

Driving without insurance, for which the penalty is a maximum - is driving with an expired insurance CTP.The punishment is in the area of ​​500-800 rubles, in addition, traffic police inspector prohibit the continued operation of the vehicle.The same penalty will have to pay for the lack of policy, and this sometimes happens, for example, when the driver decided when buying a car do not insure it.

Remember that much cheaper and safer to buy liability insurance policy tool or a hull, and it's not even because driving without insurance is associated with the constant conflicts with the inspectors DPS.No one can be responsible for what happens to you tomorrow on the road.Better with peace of mind at the wheel of a car, knowing that do not have to regret the huge monetary loss in case of theft or accident.