As the exchange of passport

We live in a society.It's a fact.You can, of course, separate from everyone and live in the forest, somewhere far away, alone, but as long as we stick together, you are obliged to obey the general laws.First of all, this includes the obligation to have available a certain set of documents.

It should be noted that it is not only the requirements of our individual state, it is the general rules of the world.The first document, which must have absolutely any citizen of any country - a passport, an identification within the society where he lives.

outside the state enters into force passport.Therefore, if you plan to become a "citizen of the world", that such a document must have, otherwise moving abroad homeland will be impossible.Getting

or exchange of passport (if you have previously received this document) - the procedure is not troublesome.Overshadowed by this ceremony can only banal misunderstanding of the process and a long standing in line.Well, if you help with the last few people can then

understand the whole process a snap.

receive and passport - two completely identical procedures, but have different names.In this and in another case, you'll need to prepare exactly the same set of documents.Just if you re going to get a passport, you will need to provide a photocopy of the original of the previous instance.

Thus, obtaining and exchanging passport will require you to provide the inspector FMS located at your place of residence, a set of documents, including four photos taken in a photo studio.If you plan to get a new passport, one of the three-dimensional images to be made in the Department of Migration Service.

Then you need to fill out two applications for a passport or exchange.Documents necessary to assure the place of work or study.If you are unemployed, you have to bring a copy of the inspector and the original work book.

Naturally, you will be required to pay the state fee, which amounts to one thousand rubles, if you get a copy of the old model, and for the new version will have to pay two and a half thousand.By the way, the difference between passports not only in price but also in the period for which you make out it.He is five and ten years, respectively.

This is a list of general set of documents.Further there are subtleties and nuances.For example, if you - a teenager over the age of fourteen, a passport, you will be required to provide, among other things, and even a birth certificate.A set of documents will be able to apply only in the presence of someone from the parents, having in possession a photocopy of the original of their own passports.

Exchange passport when changing names will oblige you to provide in addition to the basic set of documents for the replacement of the base (marriage certificate, for example) and, accordingly, fill out an application.If you - a man of military age, you must bring a certificate from the recruiting office.

about the intricacies of data best to ask an inspector.This will not only reduce the number of visits to the Federal Migration Service Department, but also save your time and nerves.