What is a group marriage in Russia.

you know what a family is?All right, this is the cell of society.No civilized nation is not without creating a strong family.The future of all mankind is not without her.


Let's look at the relationship between the concepts of "family" and "marriage".These two important words have taken place at different historical times.Marriage is changing the shape of relations that arise between a woman and a man.With this form of society regulates sexual life, but also sets the parental, marital obligations and rights.The family takes a more sophisticated method of relations: it has a feature to combine not only the husband and wife, and their children together, as well as relatives.Along with the development of society and the family develops under the influence of social and economic conditions.

in human history changed a lot of forms of social relationship management between a man and a woman.Whatever they were, everything consistent with the economic and social conditions.Once a long time ago, pr

imitive people lived a disordered form of sexual relations, because did not exist any restrictions.They were created later.Over time, these ties have become to break the life of primitive people.In presociety there is a dilemma: either constant readiness and death, or cyclic readiness to return to the old, more dependent on the nature of the state.Therefore, in order to curb such animal sexual instinct, they started to create prohibitions.These primitive taboo helped people to keep themselves within the established framework.

for men and women were excluded sexual relations between relatives (parents and children).This can be considered in the history of the border among people before marriage, when their sex life is subject only to the natural instincts, and after the marriage, when the attraction to the opposite sex manifested only within the family.And it was impossible to marry the sisters to marry a brother or father.On This sets strict ban.

new form of relationship

However, with the advent of changes in society, when they began to take shape gender and race, there was the group marriage.It is a form of relationship between a man and a woman who demanded the prohibition of sexual relations within a primitive family.It was allowed to come into contact only with the representatives of the other tribe.Such a ban is scientifically called "exogamy."And some researchers give an explanation of how primitive people come to this.

  1. In the tribes where sexual relations occurred between all family members indiscriminately, began to be born handicapped children.
  2. People could not lifetime communicate only with each other, when there were other tribes.They had to go into sexual contact with representatives of another kind, to develop further.
  3. only way they could achieve harmony and peace within their own tribes, because the natural inclination is often provoked severe conflicts between the sexes in the same way.

What happened?

group forms of marriage probably for these reasons and there.But these unions do not result in the creation of families.It turned out that the children were common, that is, belong to the whole clan, and thus their education was carried out of the whole commune.Primitive people believed that their husbands are not related biologically to the children born of their wives.

They were convinced that the woman is pregnant from the arrival of the spirit which inspired her child's body.And its third party communication is not considered a betrayal, since, in the opinion of men, in their absence, a woman came to the spirit and fertilize it.

Forbidden fruit

We learned that the group marriage - a form of relations between people from different families, clan or tribe.For example, women and men from one tribe could contact in terms of sexual relations with the representatives of a different kind, but between them - never.And all because a group marriage in primitive society forbade such contacts.Of course, such a relationship is very difficult to determine from whom the children are born.So when there was a group marriage, children acknowledged only through the female line.As a rule, the brothers brought their wives.In these confusing relationship could not create a stable family.

As things stand today?

group marriage existed in Russia, too, and probably continues to this day, just about no one speaks.Over time, these relations have become unacceptable in our society.Group marriage was replaced by a guy when a man married to one woman, and strangers between them.This is family.Fathers know their children, and it's all documented certified.A woman walking "on the side" is considered treason.

In our modern society group marriage - it is something out of the ordinary and is considered shameful - such families do not take seriously.Now in general, young people do not tend to bind themselves by family ties, and especially to have children.They claimed that marriage - it is too complicated and responsible.

group marriage in time gave birth to a matriarchy, which lasted for many years.Then replace these times came others ... the Pope wanted to know exactly what their children and this kind of marriage is dead.Today, throughout the world, maybe there are some people, who practice this way of life.But matriarchy gave way and group marriage monogamous, and that means it's time to virginity and patriarchy.In modern families lead a man, they are the heads on their shoulders rests the responsibility for their families.

In conclusion

used to change one connection to the same, but in a different location, you can very easily.People are not tied to each other.But now, to get a divorce, you must go through a number of instances, to sign a lot of documents, and if there are children, the process will drag on for months.This means that now the law is directed only at preserving the family.Therefore, when the wife of placing each other mutual claims, the law offers to think about it and if possible to make peace.