Reverence: what is it?

Time is changing and transforming the style and form of communication between men and women.In this article we will talk about such terms as "reverence."What is it, when you need to use this gesture and how to do it right - all of this and want to talk.

On the concept

The first thing to understand the concepts that are directly related to this article.So nod - what is it?All probably seen movies where they show even tsarist times noble and beautiful balls.So, to say hello to a man, a woman made a small smooth squat - sort of a gesture of welcome.As for the vocabulary label the nod - a nod to the squats, the woman slowly passes from one foot to the other with a "demi IPT" in the 4th position.As for history, it is an essential element of court etiquette, which lasted for three centuries - from the 16th to the 19th.Now, more often it is a dance element, greeting boy and girl before the start dance.


dismantled, curtsy - what it is worth to mention the fact that this girl was pretty good with a long dress.And it is important in this case is also the position of the head.If this gesture was used in dance, his head bent almost.If it was a noble greeting, head bent down as low as possible.The degree of inclination evinced the level of respect that she has given to man.

simple nod

understand the meaning of the word "reverence", and it is worth saying that even modern girl should be able to do it.After all, who knows, maybe someone once manage to get an appointment with the Queen of England?And there are still practicing this form of greeting.So start learning the best with a simple reverence, which perform not so difficult.To do this, make a few pretty simple manipulation.

  1. head.It must be a little tilt, first make a nod and nod at all to hold it in this position.
  2. skirt.If it is magnificent, it is necessary to carefully take your thumb and index finger (pinkie while elegantly dismissed), raised slightly and move aside.If the narrow skirt hands simply omitted wills body.
  3. legs.The right leg is extended and the plant slightly behind left, most of the weight is to go on the front foot.
  4. lap.Then you need to bend the legs at the knees, making a slight squat.The knees at the same time do not look forward and to the sides, back straight necessarily.
  5. After all need to gracefully back to its normal position.The girl's body at the same time should not be shaken, dropped his hands along the body, head raised proudly.

deep curtsy

This is also a good idea if she knows how to make a royal, t. E. A deep curtsy.You can also learn this.

  1. Royal nod implies full squat on one knee.To do this, you need to pull your right leg behind the left, based on the kneecap.Knees are necessarily separated the sides, back straight, head tilted as much as possible.
  2. need to descend to the point until the knee touches the floor.In such a situation it is necessary to remain at about 3-5 seconds, and then you can start to climb.
  3. All movements should be smooth, without rocking.Also in this embodiment must be able to manipulate with the dress.

Ballet nod

I want to tell you about such a concept as a ballet curtsy.What it is?It's kind of a nod to the guy girls before they enter the dance.Also ballet nod can be used at the beginning and end of the performance, as a thank you music, teacher, and so on. D. The algorithm of action in this case will be the following:

  1. initial position - first.Next
  2. right foot to do a small step to the right, with the sock should look solely to the side.
  3. next point: you want to transfer the weight to the right leg, which in this case is a little bit left behind.
  4. Now the weight is transferred to the tips of the fingers of the left leg.
  5. back straight, legs bent, knees look solely to the side (not the front), hands are in the first position, head slightly lowered.
  6. footwork saved is the same, but the hands smoothly into the fourth position.The head is also gradually rises.
  7. to complete the bow, the same movements are repeated in the opposite direction.


So already very clear designation of the concept of "nod": what it is and how to do it correctly.It should be said that there are these kinds of movements, for example, a nod to lunge or "Texas curtsy", which is relevant for the Texas debutante ball.And there are a lot of nuances, and they must have studied separately.