Fascist invaders - a Nazis brutally killed people

Second World War brought the peoples of Europe and the Soviet state a lot of grief, there were many casualties at the front and in the rear.The Nazi invaders - is the army of Nazi Germany, which killed millions of people in Europe and the USSR.Particularly cruel they did to the Jewish and Slavic population.The Nazis carried out mass repressions, killed, looted, destroyed homes, businesses, historic monuments.

What occupation?

In 1907, in the annex to the 4th Hague Convention were formulated the basic provisions that the occupation is, who are the occupiers.It forces the enemy, temporarily residing in the territory of another state.They are obliged to comply with international law.Act in 1907, it was established that the occupation authorities:

  • must respect the laws and customs, the personal property of the citizens living in the occupied territory;
  • not to repression, deportations of civilians;
  • not involve ordinary citizens to the military operations, the construction of defensive structures;
  • not deliberately destroy the cultural and historical monuments, works of art, the fruit of scientific activity.

What plans hatched against the Nazis in Europe and the Soviet Union?

In 30-ies of XX century, seized power in Germany, Adolf Hitler.Under the influence of the propaganda unleashed by the Fuhrer of the Third Reich leadership ceased to reckon with the norms of international law.The plans of Hitler and his entourage included the conquest of the vast territory with the support of Italy and Japan.The German occupiers sought to conquer Europe, including Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands are wholly or partially in a part of the Third Reich.Plans have been made with regard to France, the Balkan countries.Hitler assumed that Britain would remain neutral, without interfering go for world domination.When in 1939 Britain declared war on Germany, the F├╝hrer has decided to enslavement and the European country.The main idea was the Nazi occupation of Russia, conquering territory up to the Urals.From Soviet towns planned to expel the population below 30-40 km, to make slaves of the Soviet people, serving the Germans.

how to operate the Nazis?

fascist invaders until May 8, 1945 were carried out the total destruction of "subhumans."These Nazis carried 30 million Slavs who inhabited the USSR.The Nazis methodically destroying the inhabitants of Belarus, Ukraine and Russia.On temporarily occupied territory of the Soviet Union's occupation regime is characterized by particularly brutal.The German troops, their satellites and accomplices brutally treated people purposefully destroying people and drove to Germany to work in factories and agriculture.All actions of the fascist German regime were aimed at fulfilling the important task posed by Hitler.The ruling elite of the country had several objectives:

  • political destruction of the Soviet Union;
  • economic enslavement of the USSR and the conversion of a raw materials appendage;
  • getting in the face of the Soviet peoples source of cheap labor;
  • colonization of the territory of Russia.

plan "Barbarossa┬╗

Soviet occupation of Nazi Germany has been included in the plan of lightning war - "Barbarossa".It was part of the section of economic activities, simply put, robbery Soviet Union.Participants specially crafted Staff were instructed to organize the removal of reserves and military equipment from the occupied territory to Germany.In the documents of staff it sets a goal - all important factories have to capture the invaders.This "event", as well as other carefully developed in meetings with the leadership of Hitler's Wehrmacht.Formation of the Eastern Ministry to control the conquered territories.Against the Soviet Union, the Nazis used the same tactics that were used in Europe - Blitzkrieg (lightning war).The Nazis attacked suddenly thrown into the fight a huge number of tanks and aircraft, promptly attacked.June 22, 1941 the Nazis without a declaration of war crossed the border of the Soviet state.After 4 days in Finland entered the war, and July 2 - Romania.In the Soviet Union began the call of the male population over 18 years in the army, formed destroyer battalions to maintain public order and carrying out the evacuation.Industrial equipment, archives, livestock, inventory sent to the east of the country.

German occupation during World War II

invaded the Soviet territory, Nazi troops, and Germany's satellites began to establish a "new order."Occupation regime carried very brutal, punitive operations were carried out everywhere, executions of civilians, there were ghettos and death camps.All power in the occupied territory was handed over to the fascist administration, which "redrew" the administrative structure.It was created commandant's office and police departments.In occupied territory, the Nazis abolished the Soviet authorities banned public organizations.Persecuted partisans and sympathizers.To combat the underground set up special teams, they acted troops plundering the population, drove the inhabitants to Germany.It was issued a decree on the Nazi death those who dared to break the occupation regime.

Nazi occupiers - a fanatical and robbers

Soviet Union suffered huge casualties on the German front, they have made more than 20 million people, the civilian population - nearly 13.7 million people.After the war, the documents have been made public about the atrocities of the Nazis.In the USSR, the Nazis destroyed and stole third national wealth of the country.In the occupied areas of damage amounted to more than 60% of the national wealth.Destroyed 3.5 million homes, 25 million people were left homeless.Partially or completely destroyed more than 32 thousand. Companies, about 100 thousand. Collective and state farms, 4 thousand. Railway stations.The Nazis looted and razed to the ground more than 70 thousand. Settlements.From the occupied areas of the Soviet state was taken to Germany invaders 5 million people - the young and able-bodied population.

During the occupation by Nazi Germany civilians were in danger, Hungry, bullying.It was hard to see how the enemy ravaging their homeland.After liberation from the invaders people in towns and villages worked in the rear of his troops for the final victory over the enemy.Women, youth, teens mobilized to dig trenches and trenches and perform other menial tasks.Now people who are approaching victory over the enemy with their work in the factories, fields, called home front workers.