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Perm - ancient Russian city, lying on the beautiful expanses of the Urals, on the banks of the Kama River.Founded in the first quarter of the 18th century, it is now the largest in the eastern European part of the Russian Federation cultural, industrial and scientific center.Megacities, it is also the administrative center of the region.In addition, Perm serves the port city of regional importance.It passes here and the most important unit Trans-Siberian railway.And the first Ural-Siberian branch, by the way, was laid through Perm.She also belongs to the primacy of the opening of universities in the Urals.

Architectural sights: House of Meshkov

city is rich and famous for its history.Perm Monuments related to different spheres of life of its population.Let us dwell on its architectural landmarks - the right, they deserve the attention!Send to street Collegiate.Then back in the 20s of the 19th century was rebuilt in the spirit of classicism magnificent house Meshkov.The architect of his - the famous Russian architect Ivan wigeon.After several severe fires the building was restored, his plan was amended Turchevichem architect, project which built many architectural monuments of Perm.Therefore, late classicism combined with elements of modernism.The house stands out crisp, clear silhouette, majestic structures, magnificent stucco decorations.The building belongs to the objects protected by the state.It attracts and pleases the eye lovers of beauty and harmony.

Architectural sights: House with figures

Those who read Pasternak's "Doctor Zhivago" will remember the house in Larisa Yuriatin.Perm Monuments depicted in the image of this town, and the main place among them belongs to "the house with figures," in which, according to the literary version, the heroine of the novel lived.In fact there a long time, the family lived merchants Gribushin.The building is wonderfully picturesque, belongs to Art Nouveau designed by Turchevicha.One of the most beautiful in the city, it is considered to be the pride of local residents.The luxurious facade, expressive stucco decorations, sculptures on the roof - all this is done with exquisite artistry and high artistic taste.In addition to these, the federal importance such ancient architectural monuments of Perm as the Theological College and the Saviour Cathedral, Assumption nunnery and the building of the Noble Assembly, the governor's house, in the rotunda of City Garden and others.Each of them is interesting in its own way, and recreates the historical appearance of the city.

Perm today

But what looks like today Perm?Attractions of the city are primarily concerned with a variety of engineering and transport structures that are not only thorough changed the landscape of the city and its skyline, but is in many ways unique.First of all, it's bridges - the railway, municipal, and Chusovsky Krasavinsky.From the first of these offers an amazingly beautiful view of Perm.Sights of the city (its modern parts) are visible from it at a glance.The second bridge - construction - designed for pedestrians and vehicles.The length of construction - almost one thousand meters, it spans the Kama and connects the right and left parts of the city center.Architectural lighting in the evening and night-time construction gives a special charm.Krasavinsky bridge over the Kama River - the third longest in the whole of the Russian Federation, its length - almost 1736 meters!Perm inhabitants clearly have something to be proud of!Well, Chusovsky also attracts tourists with its splendid panorama.

symbolic sculpture

Original street monuments Perm, photos of which can be seen in this article.For example, the statue of a bear, similar to what is depicted on the city's coat of arms.Its author, the famous sculptor V. Pavlenko, so explained his plan: "Foreigners have always believed that the streets of Ural and Siberian settlements bears roam.Let us not disappoint them.Especially our Perm bear represents strength physical and spiritual indigenous territory ".The first statue was made of artificial stone monolith and weighed 2.5 tons.She stood in front of the regional philharmonic.Later replaced by a bronze statue and set it near the Central Department Store.With great good-natured bear happy children play and adults photographed.

Echo of War

City of memory of the Great Patriotic War is often referred to Perm.Grieving Mother Monument - one of the main monuments of the city.It was installed in April 1975 at the memorial cemetery.This touching and at the same time majestic sculpture visible from afar, because of its height - 10 meters.The bronze figure of a woman stuck in the inescapable grief over their sons and daughters who perished on the front road.Grief and despair are emphasized very masterful way of speaking part, which successfully came up with the sculptor Yakubenko: in the hands of the Mother of the flower, which seems it is now will drop.It is understood that the monument symbolizes the homeland, bless his people to a great feat in the name of Victory.

From grateful descendants

enumerating the monuments of the Great Patriotic War in Perm, not to mention the monument under the telling title "Heroes of the front and the rear."It was established on the esplanade - a large open space between Lenin and the Peter and Paul streets.Authors of the project - architects and sculptors V. Canines, R. and B. Semirdzhiev Snegirev.The monument consists of three figures - a female and two male, holding a shield, a sword and a gun.They embody the unity of the people, rose up to fight the enemy, glorify his exploits.In the esplanade is the first Perm tsvetomuzykalny fountain.