Leviathan - what is it?

In the history of humanity can meet a lot of legends that tell of incredible monsters affecting its vast size, intimidating appearance and other unique features.At all times, people fascinated horror stories about mysterious monsters, endowed with supernatural powers, and one of these is a leviathan.

Who is this Leviathan?

known that the so-called by a sea monster referred to in the Old Testament.Meaning of the word leviathan very blurry, but it translates from Hebrew as "twisted" or "suite".

first started talking about these monsters in the Ancient East.In those days many sailors returning from swimming, enthusiastically telling stories about inhabit the sea monster huge size as much with the island.Sometimes their stories have gained more intimidating character.It was said that this monster with just one movement could shatter even the largest ship, and that no one has yet managed to survive after a meeting with him.However, in this case, there is a fair question: where did all became aware of this monster?

Leviathan - and what looks like

The origin leviathan shall primarily biblical tracts, which traced a dual description of this mythical monster.For example, in some sources (Isaiah, the Psalms) leviathan - a powerful being, leading enmity with God.Ultimately, God still wins (comparable to the ancient Egyptian god Ra victory over Apep or victory of Zeus over the Titans) and gives it remains as food to the starving in the desert.In other sources Leviathan appears as incomprehensible creature created by God, inaccessible to mere mortals to understand.

say who is the leviathan, clearly impossible.Some ancient texts describe it as an incredibly huge snake with tremendous eyes fearfully.In others - a ferocious fire-breathing dragon with a long neck and a thin elongated head.Also, some sources use the image of huge crocodile.

scientific and Biblical evidence of

can be seen that the leviathan rather frequently mentioned in biblical writings, and therefore the answers to such questions as: "Leviathan - what is it?Where is home to the creature?Where does it come from? "- You need to look there.So, one of the first mentions of the monster can be found in the book of Job, where the Leviathan is presented in the form of the king of everything, including the human race.Further mention of it are found in the Book of Genesis and in the Corinthians, where it is noted that it is impossible to kill the Leviathan "carnal weapons", which indicates the nature of supernatural beings.In later writings, for example, in the King James Bible, was born in 1611, it says that a mere mortal at the sight of the leviathan will certainly lose consciousness.There you can find information about the approximate habitat monster.Judging by the text, it rejected the probability of living in the seas, even the biggest.Obviously, for this size monsters living at great depth, suitable only boundless waters of the oceans.

only at the moment the scientific evidence of the existence of an animal, a little reminiscent of the leviathan, are the remains of a sperm whale, dug up in the Peruvian desert of Ica.Length of ancient mammals 12-13 million years ago, was about 17 meters, and the huge size of the teeth reached 36 centimeters in length and 12 centimeters in width.Here is the Leviathan!What a monster to haunt the minds of ancestors - no wonder!

Leviathan in film

from existing biblical writings leviathan has evolved into a part of world culture, becoming a very popular character in many kinds of arts, including film, music, literature, Japanese anime and video games.

In honor of the monster called many warships, which, of course, was done in order to intimidate the enemy.However, it is important to note that, compared with Cthulhu - a creature similar backgrounds and descriptions leviathan often referred to in the global culture as a common noun.Instead of the traditional sea monster called Leviathan prototypes of powerful weapons, a variety of heroes, wizards and so on. D. Closest to the biblical image of his Leviathan is described in the TV series "Supernatural", which he though lost its monstrous size, but kept relying he might.It is also "plausible" monster image can be found in the animated series "Pirates of Dark Water".The cult movie series "Hellraiser" Leviathan is the lord of Hell, thus, in fact, compared with the devil himself.Source of inspiration - that's what leviafan art.

Leviathan in the world of video games

article on this subject would be complete without mention of the involvement of this substance in a huge number of video games.Perhaps, gamers wonder what the Leviathan, is less than all the rest.Horror, Action Games, Strategy, slasher, MMORPG-games - that's only part of the game genres in which you can meet creatures called Leviathans.

strategy in 2002, Age of Mythology leviathan is presented as a sea monster, following a player and perform the functions of maritime transport.As a "game bosses" is present in the following games - Dead Space, World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich, God of War, Devil May Cry 3, Resistance 2, and so on. D.

the name of the monster is also called many game vehiclesand race.For example, the leviathan called the spaceship from the game Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic.The same name has a huge fleet of hive-game series Warhammer 40,000.The huge size of the vehicle from the universe Unreal Tournament also called Leviathan.

So, as we can see, the answers to the question "Leviathan - What's that?" Can be set.It is clear only that it's really powerful being that to this day excites the minds of many people.