Verbal means of communication

At all times valued the ability to competently present the information to opponents.An important role is played by verbal means of communication - speech in oral and written form it.According to statistics, on the day of an adult says about thirty thousand words.Because of this, he establishes contacts about something to negotiate, according to certain information, and so on. D. This takes into account and non-verbal communication components, which include facial expressions, posture, intonation, position in space, in general, that accompanies it.

Communication through speech is the language in which it occurs.So, not all foreigners can understand Russian, especially if the first time it is encountered.That is why effective communication, there are certain rules that take into account the types and forms of communication.

So if the sides speak in Russian, it is necessary to pay attention to style.In total there are five: scientific, journalistic, official business, artistic, literary and colloquial.The style chosen according to the situation of communication.So, on the official reception would be inappropriate to use jargon or crowded special scientific terms it.

For different people the same words can have opposite meanings.Not always it is interpreted as originally suggested saying.The meaning of words is often seen through the experience of listening and, depending on the situation.In order for communication to be most effective, should be not only to understand the meaning of his speech, but also take into account the particular opponent.

verbal means of communication, and includes information that is transferred to the written manner.It could be documents, works of art, short messages, orders and so on. D. The ability to express their thoughts in writing is quite important, especially in the field of business communication.After all, how to convey information to the partners can depend very much, including the conclusion of important contracts.The style of business communication in the letters has its own specifics.

At the beginning of the document is always written by the addressee.Often it is put to the adjective (my dear, personal letters - dear, dear, and so on. D.).When writing new to the addressee or is a business partner, please contact name and patronymic.The style of writing should be competent and concise.It is not recommended to use too much here adjectives to describe the minor stuff (as opposed to personal messages, where everything is acceptable).Consequently, the characteristic of communication depends on the situation in which it is implemented.

Currently, work is fairly common way of communication through the development of information technology.Therefore, in many large organizations, including the requirements for the candidates, it is often possible to meet the qualities such as sociability and literacy.

verbal means of communication have an important role in our lives, because this way we share information, to communicate to others their own thoughts and feelings.Cleverly his own speech, not everyone can.Many institutions now introduced the subject, whose purpose - to learn to clearly and correctly to convey information to the interlocutor.

verbal means of communication and the ability to listen to suggest that not everyone can.Usually, if the theme is not very interesting to the interlocutor, it passes through itself only part of the information received.Active listening helps communication quality, improve the entire communication process.There are many techniques and psychological advice on how to develop a given quality.