How to organize your day to catch everything?

Many of us are faced with a lack of time for everyday tasks.Very often the scarcity of hours in the day complaining about the people who do not know how to organize your day.This happens because not all are able to accurately plan the schedule of work and rest.

For those whose cases are still incomplete or for their implementation have to sacrifice hours of rest, it was time to "optimize" their lives.If your activity is chaotic and avralny character, time for you to get acquainted with terms such as time management.

This concept emerged relatively recently, but has already become an effective tool in the successful conduct of business and professional activities.The technology time management (as translated from the English name of "time management") teaches competently manage the number of hours that is available at each of us.This concept includes planning to-do list, setting specific goals, the analysis time and, most importantly, prioritization.

Indeed, how to organize your day, if you do not distribute tasks according to their importance?

Stephen Covey, author of "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" offers a daily review of the case and spread them in the 4 corners of the square:

  • important - term;
  • important - not urgent;
  • unimportant - term;
  • unimportant - not urgent.

Covey rule is: "First, do what you must do first."The priority, he said the case of the second square: self-development, planning, implementation of current affairs.

on the postulates of the popular all over the world benefits of Dr. Covey based many books on time management.

So, after you have decided that you need to do first, make a flexible plan for the coming week.Each completed task is expunged from the list as a visual reduction in the volume of work will bring you pleasure and inspire for new labor achievements.

Do not forget that the proper allocation of time includes leisure and communication with family.Before you organize your day, think about how many hours you can leave for personal needs.No matter how important for you to work and business, remember that people who can not relax in the family circle, quickly "burn out" and their activity becomes ineffective.

Another secret to time management - the ability to delegate his authority.For example, if you do not have enough time to do important work, then the case, which can handle your subordinates, you need time to "pass."Often managers of companies (or even simple housewife) can not cope with their responsibilities, as busy work, which can be successfully delegate to others.If you want to know how to organize your day, consider for possible delegation of the entire list of their duties in accordance with the time and energy that I have.

last tip: it is best to cope with the daily flow of affairs for those of us, who knows what the ultimate goal of pursuing his work.In other words, the motivation - the key to your success!