How to calculate how many tons of cubed rubble

for various construction works, even a small scale, you must first calculate the amount of material required.Calculate the piece Materials not be easy.A bit harder to find the necessary amount of gravel, sand, clay, cement.The calculation of such materials should be based on their characteristics.So, how many tons of rubble in a cube?Useless seemingly knowledge will be useful to everyone who starts his own building.And even if you plan to use employees, still control the flow of sand and gravel have, because to pay for it will certainly to you.

Factors influencing the determination of the mass of rubble

To calculate how many tons of rubble in a cube, you should consider the following criteria:

  • rock type of stone from which the material is produced;
  • size fractions;
  • flakiness;
  • vlagopogloschaemost.

These factors we consider in this article.

Types rubble

You have probably noticed that, the rubble is different.The geology is not necessary to delve into because of the stone can be made of any gravel, passing it through the grinder.Each species has a density, which in turn affects the specific gravity.There are several types of rubble:

  • granite;
  • basalt;
  • gravel;
  • limestone.

material that comes first in the list, is mined in open pits of rock granite rocks.It is made by grinding the debris obtained after blasting.Granite gravel is robust and earthy colors.It is the most common and is used to build a variety of structures, foundations, roads.Also material from the granite is used for decorative purposes.

Basalt gravel mined from basalt rock.According to its characteristics, this material is a competitor of granite stones.Basalt rubble has high thermal conductivity, density, strength, resistance to frost.Used as a filler in the manufacture of heavy concrete in the construction of road surfaces, for finishing buildings.

gravel chippings made from loose sedimentary rock.This material is in the form of rounded pebbles.It is used in road construction.Small fractions are used as decorative material.Gravel has enough high quality and low cost.

limestone rubble is a unique building material, which is extracted from limestone - a sedimentary rock.It is highly resistant to temperature and impact resistance.This is an environmentally friendly material.Limestone is used in road construction rubble, lime production.It is also used as a decorative stone.

size gravel

All kinds of rubble divided into fractions, define its size.Imagine a cube with edge length of 10 mm or ball with the same diameter.And now - a ball and a cube more, for example, 20 mm.Take a bunch of one and the other, and then mix.In the end, you get the size (fraction) 10-20.

most demanded by consumers is the size of crushed granite 5-20.This material is used for the manufacture of manually garden path, paving slabs, parking lots, as well as in the production of various concrete products.In this regard, gardeners and owners of individual houses are interested in how many tons of cubed rubble fractions 5-20.We will not download your calculations and present the average volume weight.For a fraction of rubble, he is 1.38 t / m3.

In the initial stages of construction of various objects using a large stone.It can be crushed granite 20-40.It is used for filling the entrances to the building site foundations.In order to fully ensure the building site of this material is necessary to know how many tons of cubed rubble fractions 20-40.Bulk density of the stone - 1.41 t / m3.

dumping for roads and platforms that require large load is applied gravel size 40-70.Very often it is used for arrangement of construction sites in the fluid soil.How many tons of cubed rubble fractions 40-70 - easy to find.But do not waste time on calculations.Granite road metal has an average volume weight of 1.47 t / m3.

in railway, industrial and residential construction, in the manufacture of massive reinforced concrete structures used gravel size 25-60.Ordinary users, who use this material for different buildings, they want to know how many tons of cubed rubble fractions 25-60.The answer: in one cubic meter of 1.38 m stone of this size.


Flakiness (form) - one of the important parameters to consider when determining how many tons of rubble in the cube.From what form is the material - plate, needle or cuboid, filling level depends on the density of volume.In order to avoid overspending of the basic materials and for more dense filling flakiness rubble must be purchased no more than 15%.

Water saturation Water saturation - a measure that affects the mass of rubble.The more waste, the higher this indicator.Average percent, depending on the type of ballast comes to 10%.Water saturation littered the material reaches 100% and more.No need to purchase gravel that looks like garbage: dirty and with a lot of sand.Besides the fact that it is heavy, such a material may be made from construction waste.It costs cheaper.

Specific gravity (SG)

All of the above factors as a whole and individually, affect the determination of how many tons of cubed rubble.These indicators are a little different in different geographical and weather conditions.If you want to independently calculate the volumetric weight of the rubble, multiply by a factor of 1.4 cubes and get a ton.Translate contrary too easy.If you have a number of tonnes, divide it by 1.4 - and get a result of cubic capacity.