Siding "Block-house": types, description, photos

In order to produce the finish of the facade of an apartment house, you need to choose the original building material that is responsible and serious decision.The modern market offers a great variety of finishing materials for facades.As one of the best solutions for this type of work in favor of siding "Block-house".Preferring this kind of finish, you can choose one of its type.As a result, be able to get the walls that will simulate wood logs, installed technology siding.

Steel siding

This material, which is a metallic fabric, looks like a wooden frame.In the course of its manufacture the thin galvanized sheet cold rolled steel, the surface is covered with fabric composite polyester and polystyrene.Choosing the siding, "Block House", you may prefer one of the varieties of colors.The density of the metal in the production is 0.4-0.5 millimeters.While the web width can range from 345 to 365 mm.By purchasing this stuff, you can choose the length of the panel, which ranges from 0.5 to 6 meters.

Area Use

Metal siding "Block-house" can be used during almost any kind of tiling, in some cases, it is used during the interior finishing cafes, shops, pavilions, as well as industrial buildings.

qualitative characteristics of the material allow its use in the construction of buildings that have an increased risk of fire.Due to the wide range of components for the works, which are peculiar to siding, including all kinds of straps and trims the corners, this material can be used for facing facades of buildings, all sorts of differing architectural forms.

outer steel siding "Power House" is very difficult to distinguish from vinyl, as well as the kind of materials made of wood.This effect was achieved thanks to the excellent coatings.

Pros material

Currently, metal siding under the "Block-house" produced by modern technologies that have achieved excellent quality characteristics of the material.How to install the panels is very simple, it indicates that the installation work can produce any handyman.The panels have a very long life, and care for them is pretty simple.Material galvanized and has a coating that completely eliminates corrosion and protects the material from the negative effects of household chemicals.Siding under the "Block-house" allows you to completely get rid of all the shortcomings of the facade of the building.

Steel "Block-house" has an advantage over wood paneling, as it is very resistant to rot and mechanical damage, as well as the effects of insects and other pests.This material has a lower cost compared with competitors, made of wood.

Vinyl siding

If you choose to use vinyl siding "Block House", a log, this material is also excellent mimics.It acts as a very inexpensive material for facades and presented for sale in a huge range that allows you to choose the material, based on their needs and financial capabilities.Through the use of various textures and a palette is realistic to create a unique design of buildings.

advantages of vinyl, "blockhouse"

This material can be considered universal for the reason that it is used not only for external, but also for interior decoration, this is due to the fact that the panel look very harmoniouswith other decorative elements.To carry out domestic work in the hardware store, you can find a more narrow panels.

Features installation of vinyl siding

Siding "Block-house" vinyl mounted on the principle of normal.With it you can sheathe a variety of surfaces without producing early alignment.As the main features of the installation of vinyl siding "Block-house" serves its partial lock.This indicates that the tightening screws, which fix the material does not need to stop, it is necessary to leave a gap of about two millimeters.This feature is due to the fact that the material is susceptible to expand when the level of humidity and temperature.

Recommendations made by the installation

Vinyl siding "Block House", a photo of which are presented in the article should be mounted using fasteners, selected taking into account the highest corrosion resistance, otherwise after a while hardware may rust and ruinexterior of the building.Implementation of mounting is made on a special lath, which may be made of galvanized steel profile, or wood.If the house is made of wood, is allowed to carry out installation without an installation lath.This material is used as a final finish in the insulation works construction.Acrylic siding "block house" as vinyl, may be used in tandem with the insulation material, which acts as rock wool or polystyrene.

Features vinyl siding "Block-house"

This material has advantages over other alternatives that are used to facing.The main advantages are expressed in the fact that vinyl or PVC have a high quality of elasticity and unparalleled flexibility, in addition, they are resistant to all kinds of external damage.This siding does not rot like wood and can not be subject to corrosion.Using it is quite possible to increase the sound insulation performance of the building and keep the heat in the house.In operation, it almost does not need to care, because it has a dirt repellent characteristics.Vinyl is not deformed and does not change color when exposed to ultraviolet radiation and precipitation.Due to the fact that in the production of new technologies are used, the material turns out environmentally friendly and non-flammable.

Features installation of steel siding

Metal siding "Power House" is mounted on the same technology that is used when working with a traditional clapboard.Installation should be carried out in several stages.Siding panels must be snapped on one another, and then strengthened by screws, screws or nails.Fasteners installed in specially prepared holes.To carry out the work will need to install a wooden or steel lattice.This material should not rigidly fix, otherwise changes in temperature will cause the panels will change size or deformed.

tools and supplies for work

In order to carry out installation of the steel siding "Block-house" can not do without special tools and accessories, among them are the nails that can be made of galvanized or aluminum.Select the necessary fasteners, which has a wide hat.You can use wood screws or screws.Handy measuring tape, hammer, building level, chalk, hacksaw, Bulgarian circles, metal, metal scissors, a knife and a screwdriver.

In conclusion

siding "Block-house" can be made by any handyman, before the process is necessary to select the material, coloring and texture of the product, as it will depend on the appearance of the building.Material color must match the roofing deck.It is important to calculate the amount of work required for the siding, it will eliminate overruns.