If there is no suburban area: the cultivation of tomatoes in open ground on the balcony replace platnatsiey

If you have a cottage or a house in the village, then you probably every year organize the cultivation of tomatoes in a greenhouse or outdoors.But what about those who have no opportunity to plant the beds?Quite simply, to get them to the usual balcony.Of course, a huge garden planted fail, but something that all this is possible.For example, tomatoes.It turns out that the cultivation of tomatoes in open field and greenhouses - is not the most recent methods.Balcony - ideal for those who, instead of the summer season to sit in the apartment.

So, where to start growing tomatoes at home?First we need to prepare seeds for planting seedlings (get to work should be in late February, early March).To do this, they need to be folded into a cloth, you can use gauze, moisten with water and wrap in a plastic bag.Packed so seeds should be put in a warm place, such as a battery.Cloth should be wet all the time, so it will have to periodically sprinkle water.This method of seeding allows you to get the seedlings in two or three days.

Next you need to plant the seeds.Seeds for planting, you can use flower pots, cups or even ordinary cans.The soil is suitable for the purchase of planting flowers or universal.In each container sits on one germinated seed, which is laid in the ground to a depth of no more than 3 mm.Containers with seeds are covered with glass or upholstered film, then put in a warm place.When the seeds sprout, a film or glass to be removed, and the plants themselves to put closer to the light.The ideal situation would be, of course, the window sill.Further care for the seedlings of tomatoes reduced to a glaze and mineral fertilizers.

Growing tomatoes in the open field begins somewhere in the middle of May.At the same time it should be transplanted into larger containers and plants that live on the balcony.Transplant tomatoes can be made into large flower pots or plastic buckets.In the latest in a day must be carefully done some holes for water drainage.Tomatoes need to be transplanted carefully, saving as much as possible of their root system.In each bucket or pot planted one plant that is sure to pour.

comes a time when tomatoes seem to have can be taken on the balcony.Weather resistant outside, the sun shines well, and on the balcony of the heat in a greenhouse.That's only with the removal of the plant should not rush.After planting, you need to wait a few days until the tomato is well established.After that, you can safely make the balcony.To the plants get more light and can not be withdrawn by its lack, buckets or pots must be put on a stool, table, or other supports.Since the spring night is still quite cold, the tomatoes at this time of day still need to make room.

Growing tomatoes in a greenhouse and open field is not complete without a procedure such as tying.The balcony conditions without it too can not do.This should be done in order to not break the branches, which soon will be covered with small, increase in size tomatoes.Growing tomatoes on the balcony exclude a process such as artificial pollination of flowers as tomatoes - self-pollinating plants.

tomatoes as they grow will produce side shoots, called stepchildren.That there was a higher yield, it is necessary to leave one stepson who is not following the seventh sheet.The remaining subject to removal.Experienced growers recommend on one stalk, leaving no more than four beams ovaries and pinch the crown.

Well, now surely, many were convinced that growing tomatoes on the balcony - not such a difficult task.But the harvest, with skilful and proper care, you can collect a very large!