How to cook spaghetti carbonara

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very popular in Italy, and a simple process for the preparation of the dish - spaghetti carbonara.The history of its occurrence is associated with the Italian coal association.Once upon a time coal miners, carrying his black product of Italy, on halts in small villages and towns prepared unpretentious dish of pasta, pork jowl and sheep's cheese.Delicious and tempting smells from pots of coal miners, a simple set of products and speed of preparation contributed to the dish quickly spread to Italy and became one of the most popular in the country.It is also said that during the cooking coal powder from clothing porters fell into the pot, "flavoring" pasta black dust.It has long been no coal cooperatives, and spaghetti carbonara is prepared to civilized kitchens, but as a tribute to the past, this dish liberally sprinkled with pepper, reminiscent of his "coal" origin.

The long history of prescription acquired several options that differ in types of cheese and meat, and the quantitative ratio of filler products.However, the basis of his remains unchanged - it is preparing a special sauce and boiled spaghetti."Highlight" of the recipe that sauce, which includes raw eggs, like brewing, "income" until cooked only when in contact with hot pasta.

classic spaghetti carbonara

In a deep pan in plenty of water with the addition of oil and salt boiled thin noodles.While they are cooked on a frying pan with olive oil Passer little finely chopped onion and grated garlic.Thin plastic bacon cut into strips and fry with the onions, garlic and traditional Italian spices.In a separate bowl, whisk the egg yolks, rub with pecorino cheese novel or known to all cheese and combine with the yolks.To the dish was very Italian, you need to mix the two cheeses together.Ready spaghetti shift to the pan with the bacon, and the top very quickly pour yolk mixture and cheese and mix thoroughly.If the sauce is not enough, and pasta are thickish, you can add quite a bit of water out of the pan, where they are cooked, so do not rush it completely drained.Top with pasta in a dish sprinkled a pinch of black pepper.300 grams of spaghetti should take 200 grams of bacon, 100 grams of cheese and 2-3 yolk.

nonclassical recipe

cook pasta carbonara can be different, for example, with sour cream.However, such a call can not be a classic recipe, as in Italy, add sour cream and unacceptable.However, such modifications are widely used in the UK and US.There dairy products are added to the sauce very often.Prepare cream sauce carbonara.Spaghetti boil in the usual way.For the sauce, mix two eggs with sour cream, ground oregano and basil, grated cheese (100 grams).In a frying pan fry the pieces of bacon or pork loin and at the end of the process, a mixture of eggs and sour cream.Quickly interfere spatula to fold the egg did not have time.Then spread the sauce ready-made spaghetti, all mix, sprinkle with pepper.

In addition to the spaghetti carbonara sure to put on the table a red Italian wine, light green salad, slices of goat cheese and fresh tomatoes, poured oil with herbs.There is another secret of the correct filing of this dish.It is very important to keep it warm as long as possible, so that the sauce has not lost its taste.Therefore, before the paste is decomposed into portions, large flat plates is preheated in the oven, and only then are spread on pasta.Since the dish stays hot longer.Keep in mind that it is impossible to heat the sauce becomes tasteless.