Why dream of a fire

Interpretation of Dreams - is one of the most interesting and the most ancient of human passions.What we dream, is closely linked with the outside world, our thoughts, actions, emotions, and often becomes the result of all the above weave.There are people who dedicated his life to deciphering dreams, find their meaning and what they portend to us in real life.Based on centuries-old experience, we can say with confidence that many explanations of dreams really come true exactly as it promises interpreters.

example, fish caught is always dreaming of money, silver coin - to tears, the dog - a friend.Well, if you had a fire, what to expect in real life?Let's turn to a different dream books and find out what they had to predict, based on this dream.

So, what dream fire?The interpretation of this dream a lot, and they vary considerably.Each author of a dream book offers its own version of an explanation.

Here is one of them.Flame in our dreams - a symbol of life, our energy and spiritual strength.In ancient times, no wonder many in the sacraments and sacred ceremonies to use fire.It was a symbolic door of the real world into the world of the beyond.It was used to communicate with the spirits, with cleansing from sin.

other options.If you dream of a fire - it can be a symbol of passion, strong feelings experienced by you or someone else in relation to you.With this value is linked the famous phrase, mentioning flame - "to bring to the white heat", it means a great rage, rage man.

What dreams fire, dream interpretation Maya interprets this: a dream flame, or rather, as you fire up - this means that you will soon really like one person.To become mutual feelings, you need to light a candle at dawn at the mirror and notched finger drip a drop on the fire of his blood.After this mysterious ritual throughout the day, avoid mirrors.If you do it right, love will be reciprocated.If you had a dream the opposite, that you extinguish the fire hard - it is the end of a love relationship.But there is a way to intervene in the destiny and prevent it.For this week only need to wear something from your lover's personal belongings.

so really dream about dream interpretation flame Maya.Pointeresuemsya and other sources.

What dreams fire on the "new family dream book"?If you see it in your sleep, but you do not burn - it portends good.

house burning in flames - you friendly, loving family, children and friends.

If a person engaged in the business, will see in a dream, as the burning of his enterprise, office or store, you can safely rely on the good deals.Trying to extinguish the fire in a dream - to anxiety at work.Kindle the flame of a dream - to meet with close friends who have not seen for a long time.

huge flames, fire promise you and all others only goodness and joy.For employees of the Navy - a successful and smooth sailing, business people - career growth and success in business, family people - family love and trust.

What dream fire?What this says "Gypsy Dream Book"?A small, long-smoldering flame symbolizes that you would treat any strong desire, passion.The fierce flames means that in reality, you can not keep the situation under control.If you dream you put out the fire, then, in reality, you will win over your enemies.

Here are the positive values ​​from a dream in which the fire is seen.

But there is another interpretation.The famous prophetess Vanga explained what dreams fire.It portends a serious quarrel with close people.And the more the flames, the stronger the dissonance scandal.

As we see, commentators are divided on the value of the "fire" of sleep.Therefore, we will not try to give it some symbolic meaning.It's just one of the clearest images that your brain is accidentally pulled out of its vaults.