The plot of the opponent - the salvation of the family

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Those who have ever experienced love, you know how happy people can be.Therefore, losing a loved one does not want.And if the reason for your breakup served as your friend, and any unknown woman, it remains only two choices: accept or use a plot against rivals.It is the latter can not only harm razluchnitse, but also save the crumbling family.To do this, you must prepare thoroughly.Look at all the options to get rid of a rival.Plots on this subject can be found on the Internet, as well as in their respective books.But at the same time, remember that just because the gag "smack" is not necessary.


try to start a conspiracy by rival memorize.This will help you focus on the thought, and not on a piece of paper or a monitor.If you're at least a little doubt that the beloved should return to the family, then you have nothing.Therefore, be sure to answer the question, but is it worth?After all, your desire and what happens in reality may differ materially.For example, the husband returned to the family, but constant quarrels and accusations will not bring long-awaited happiness that you are waiting for.He will live with you, but my heart will belong to your opponent.Do you need it?If yes, then we continue.

easiest to imagine that the opponent is lying schemer who stole your husband by force.In this case it is possible to return the wayward spouse relief, without fear of what your life together will come discord and bickering.Moreover, he would and he came back, but the evil spell rivals did not allow him to do so, and that he suffered all this time.The main requirement is to meet hubby with open arms and surrounded by love and affection.He definitely will be ashamed, and he will thank you for your concern.

conspiracy by rival is best read at midnight on the waning moon.This is to ensure that all that a man has for his mistress, waned with the moon.Best days to read the plot - this is the first, second and fourth days of the week that are considered masculine.


The day before the ceremony should be frozen in the refrigerator, running water.Boiling is not recommended.Before use, it must be melted, the water should melt itself rather than by heat treatment.This is because the melt water is considered to be absolutely pure, and thus will absorb everything that we have prepared for it.

water is poured into the cup from which her husband often drinks.The plot of the opponent, as mentioned above, is read three times or nine times.It should be clear before the image of her husband.It has to be cheerful and happy of what came back to you and the children.Conspiracy reads: "Near my house gathered rats.They devour all my products and dirtied the house.How many do not tell them, and they do not wish to hear anything.But mousetrap asleep poison, which forced them to leave.Maladjusted and could not survive, and, like a crow, have died away from home.I ask the help of higher powers to rival was similar to rats and received the same share. "To this conspiracy brought to fruition, faith is needed.Without faith you can not even begin.

pay off

conspiracy by rival calls for a special relationship, namely repurchase.In this case, we appeal to forces that do not require mandatory contributions.Therefore, it will be enough just to light a candle at any icons.

There are, of course, and such conspiracies, after which mercy is needed.It spells the magicians, turning to light forces.They will be happy and normal verbal thanks.

If you do everything right, then after a while you get better in life, the husband returned to the family, and his mistress will remain with nothing.