In the dream fight - day success

Dreams always aroused interest among all mankind.They connected a lot of assumptions, guesses.Modern scientists are studying the nature of nighttime dreams.Their studies suggest that night our brain can warn of impending illness, to make a way out of difficult situation, to warn of impending trouble.

nothing surprising or mysterious about it.Freed from the daily bustle of the body becomes more sensitive to signals from the brain.Acute intuition inherent in every human being, clearly become impulses which are fed diseased organs.And of course, we are in a state of slumber again, but in another, going through all that we cared afternoon.

Many people at least once in the life of nightmares, scandals, murder.Therefore, the question of what a dream fight in a dream, disturbs many.

After numerous experiments, experts studying sleep, agreed that its plot and content may vary depending on the state of health of the person, his emotions, memories and desires.

Brawl can dream for entirely different reasons, so the answer to the question of what dreamed fight hard.It is necessary to know the exact plot of sleep and the person to whom he has dreamed.

First you need to determine who is and who is fighting.If you dream fight takes place between strangers, and you are just an observer, it is likely that you will witness some kind of conflict or conflict of interests.

If the dominant feelings of fear or anger, and besides, as the winner beaten or are acting yourself, this could mean dissatisfaction with real circumstances.Most likely, in your life is the person whom you are afraid, hate, which is considered the originator of failure.Unable to cope with it in real life, you're in a dream and experiencing suffering associated with pain and fear.If you beat a familiar, then you are afraid it is probably on a subconscious level.If you are the victim of a stranger, it is worth considering: what or who scares you in real life.

If you dream fight over your victory, or you are the aggressor, so, so looking for a way your hatred of a particular subject.Most likely, he was beaten.But if in a dream fight took place with a stranger or an invisible enemy, you should think about.Perhaps you are experiencing stress, dissatisfaction with others.Think about what annoys you, how you can make a difference.This dream may indicate your uncertainty, failure to take a decision, fear of the consequences.

Sometimes in a dream fight is not accompanied by feelings of anger or fear, and pain.This vision is not related to the spiritual life.Often it it signals that occurred in the body of some failure.When the dream of suffocation or drowning, especially if in a dream fight with strangulation is repeated on a regular basis, it makes sense to check the functioning of the heart and lungs.Broken dream hands or feet can prevent a disease that starts in the bones or joints.

If you dream fight was avoided, which means that the problems that have haunted in real life, can be overcome.A brawl usually warns that the attacker has a sympathetic or beaten, ready to help him.

Older dream books you can find other interpretations brawl in a dream.By the separation (Dreams Azar), to aggression from the sexual partner (Dreams Freud) to quarrel (English dream interpretation), for promotion or head injury (Japanese dream interpretation).

Should I believe this interpretation?Perhaps it is in that culture, for which they are made, they are relevant.But in Russia, where the very different traditions and customs, it is better to listen to the opinion of our experts.Better yet, do not hammer head waiting for trouble, while accepting the warning received in a dream, to try to avoid mistakes or quarrels in life.