Roses: the cultivation and care.

Roses - very beautiful and delicate flowers, not for nothing that they are so fond of most women.Currently, there are more than 300 species, among which there are both tall varieties, and low-growing, curly.An avid Florist every year trying to fill up his collection that he blossomed every season the best roses.Cultivation and care of these flowers are not so complicated as it might seem at first glance.Many afraid to plant these flowers just for the reason that just simply did not know how to handle them.Well, it's time to dispel all doubts.

To you purchased the roses are well accustomed, you must take responsibility for the preparation of the soil.Of course, in the summer cottage does not have to choose the soil: what it is, there is one.But this circumstance most species roses no clouds, because they adapt well to the different soil conditions.All you have to do with "infertile" soils, it is good to feed them, not forgetting to add rotted manure.Roses, cultivation and care of these flowers begins with the digging of the site where they will grow.To do this it is necessary, as in the loose, oxygen-rich earth colors easily take root.Next, you need to dig a large and deep holes that they could accurately place the root system.Note that if the roots of the seedling excessively large, they should be slightly shortened.Place one seedling in a center, and when the roots grow in one direction, then the walls of the pit.Fill the hole earth, taking care to fall asleep and vaccinations.Top sapling must be watered.

Further care colors will consist of timely watering, fertilizing and loosening the earth.Roses are very fond of moisture, and if they do it is not enough, the plants are lagging behind in development, the flowers become smaller, and the leaves turn yellow.Since the weather is often not enough moisture, watering the roses have to yourself.It is better to do it less often, but plentiful.For watering the roses once a week, pour under every bush for about 10 liters of water.After watering always loose soil, but so as not to damage the root system.The first additional forage flowers held until he leaves blossomed, the second, when the buds are tied, and the third, when will the second flowering.

That's the whole work, finally in your area will be roses.Cultivation and care for them, as you see, does not require costly and time.If you do not have a house in the village, do not worry and start growing roses at home.Of course, dissolve garden views in an apartment you are unlikely to succeed, although this option is not excluded, but the room types of roses - it is easier than ever.By purchasing them in a flower shop, put on the windowsill, forgetting about the transplant at least a week.When the flower is adapted to the new conditions, it can be transplanted into a flowerpot.At first, take care of the room rose sunlight, better hold on the north window.Take care to avoid drafts, they do not like the rose room.Cultivation and care in the future associated with copious irrigation, loosening the soil in the pot and feeding.Do not forget to remove the faded flowers, thereby you will extend the flowering.

excellent neighbor room roses can be rosemary, and not just because the names in tune.If you want something unusual at home, be sure to please create a rosemary.Growing from seed of a tree - not easy, but rewarding.Get the florist seeds, plant them in pots and wait next to your room will start to grow a beautiful rose, surrounded by greenery and small flowers of a tree.By the way, rosemary can be used in bonsai, but traditional healers know how to use it can cure various diseases.