Spring and winter garlic: the cultivation and care

necessity of cultivation of garlic due to the fact that his teeth are used in pickling and pickling various vegetables, mushrooms.Also garlic gives a special flavor to soups, main courses, you can add one or two cloves of crushed.In folk medicine, it is widely used for the treatment of various diseases.That garlic - the worst enemy of the flu, even a small child knows.

So you've decided to plant in their area garlic.Cultivation and care for them - it is simple, but some will have to spend free time.Garlic is of two types: winter and spring.They are different planting dates, the size of cloves and long-term storage.

Growing garlic winter

This type of garlic is planted in the fall.It is resistant to frost and severe winter, and in spring produces green leaves, which can also be eaten.In the period of active growth, and this June and July month, winter garlic can release the arrow, which subsequently formed the bag with small bulbils.These bulbs can also be used as planting material, only the gardeners know that to have grown strong and great garlic bulbs in the ground, it is imperative to pluck an arrow at it, the sooner the better.If you want to collect some bulbils for planting, choose the strongest plant garlic, which does not break down arrows, and are left to mature.

winter garlic cultivation and care begins with soil preparation.This is done in the summer, around August.Pay attention to the fact that garlic is well planted in the place where he grew up green culture (but not the onion), cabbage, legumes and potatoes.The beds need to dig a well, make organic (humus) and mineral fertilizers (nitrophosphate, superphosphate).In heavy clay soils, and need to add a little peat.

Landing selected healthy teeth or small bulbs should be carried out in the past month and a half prior to the freeze.Do this before is not recommended because the plants can germinate and freeze.In most cases, the method of pressing the garlic plant in the ground.It is better to throw the whole cloves in a pre-made grooves: depth of 7-8 cm and at a distance of about 20 cm apart.

winter garlic, cultivation and care which are properly organized, will give a good harvest.If you have already figured out landing, it would be useful to know what is the same care.As soon as the first shoots appear in spring, the ground must be proryhlit, but with the advent of the first leaf, hold fertilizer urea (1 tbsp water 10).A second feeding is carried out in two weeks after the first (2 tablespoons nitrophosphate 10 liters of water), and the third - the period of formation of the bulb (2 tablespoons of superphosphate per 10 liters of water).Watering moderate, terminated three weeks before harvest.Be sure to watch out for in order to not interfere with the growth of garlic weeds, you need to weed them in a timely manner.

Spring garlic cultivation

The main features of this type of garlic is the lack of arrows, smaller teeth, long term storage of the harvest and planting in the spring.April 20-25 - at about this time and it is necessary to plant spring garlic.Cultivation and care is almost indistinguishable from what has been described above.When sprouts appear, they need to feed the nitrogen fertilizer at the rate of 1 tbsp of urea and 1 cup of mullein to 10 liters.Such feeding is repeated after about 10-12 days.Another dressing is carried out during the formation of bulbs: 10 liters diluted with 2 tbsp double superphosphate and 1 tbsp of potash (or potassium sulfate).The fact that it's time to harvest, according to the dry lower leaves and yellowing top.A late harvest can lead to that teeth start to crumble.