Efficiency Investments

Evaluating the effectiveness of investment.

Efficiency of investments is determined by solving a set of objectives.This includes assessment of the feasibility of the project, the absolute efficiency of the project and the comparative effectiveness.

feasibility of the project is the possibility of its implementation in compliance with all the parameters of the financial, technical and economic nature.The absolute efficiency of the project assumes significance exceeding the results achieved over the manufactured cost of resources.Under the comparative effectiveness understand possible efficiency by comparing various alternatives projects.

Efficiency separate investment project.

possible performance of individual investment projects characterized by a system of indicators, which reflect the ratio of resource and material costs and future outcomes for the participants of the investment project.At the same time reflect the investment performance can be about the results produced by the project to cost him.The effect of the investment can be calculated as a result of the difference between benefits and costs.

Types of investment efficiency.

existing financial (commercial), budget and economic efficiency of investment.

Commercial - characterizes the investment attractiveness of the project for the investors and its financial viability.Budget - shows the financial implications of the project for the budgets of the federal, regional or local level.Economic - takes into account the costs and correlates them with the results thus are taken into account all the costs that go beyond the direct interests of the participants of the investment project, which can be expressed in monetary terms.

In evaluating the effectiveness of investments held and socio economic efficiency of investments, that is investigated every possible economic and social impacts of the project, as well as all the costs that will be associated with the holding of social events and activities for environmental protection.

and performance costs are assessed in the framework of the settlement period.Its duration depends on the duration of the creation and development of the object lifetime of technical equipment, subject to the achievement of planned performance gains, as well as the specific requirements of investors.

Evaluated the effectiveness of UNIDO's investment methodology.In the Russian practice applied over it developed Guidelines for evaluating the effectiveness of projects to their selection for future funding.Methods of assessment are divided into simplified, applied for the initial pre-selection and those that take into account the changing value of money over time.

indicators of investment efficiency.

Return period (payback) expresses the relationship between the net income from investments and implementation of investment decisions.

simple rate of return expresses part of the cost, which shall be compensated in the form of profits attributable to a range of investment planning.

accounting rate of return shows the effectiveness of investment as a percentage of the proceeds of money in relation to the amount of the original investment.

Accounting rate of return is calculated by dividing the annual average profit to the average cost of inserting capital.

Evaluating the effectiveness of investment is of great importance in business.If misuse of the provision of investment funds, low impact, their lack of need to think about the need to select the most effective methods for the analysis of ongoing or planned projects.