How to fix the baseboard?

floor plinth serves not only to seal the gap between the floor and the wall, but also has aesthetic functions, because with him finishing the floor looks neat, and work - fully completed.In addition, the modern look of this building material has specific channels for electrical wires, which can be easily hide under it, and, if necessary, to have access to them.Currently, most often for decoration use wood or plastic moldings.Wood used for parquet floors and plastic - for all others.There are laminated MDF, which can be used in a variety of cases.

What can be said about the wooden plinth ?!They look undeniably beautiful and more expensive than plastic.However, taking into account the curvature of the walls, floors and corners in our homes, fixing such details to the wall permanently associated with the emergence of various kinds of problems.Home - an impossibility even and tight fit plinth and education gaps between it and the floor or wall.In this case, there is a constant question about what their patch as putty?With respect to such plastic products, it is much more convenient to mount it.By virtue of its design (it has a flexible edging), the plinth leaves no gaps, and thanks to the special kit (internal and external corners, connectors), it is very easy to attach and mount in the corners.Perhaps the only drawback of plastic trim parts - its artificiality and cheap appearance.

How to mount the plinth?This depends primarily on the material of manufacture.Wooden fastened with screws to the wall or the floor (which is easier), pushing it into a tree head and closing her then a bezel blank, or if the floor is wooden, nailed to the floor with small nails invisible hats.There is another way of fastening - with the help of liquid nails, but it is appropriate only in the room with perfectly smooth walls, floors and corners.

How to mount the plinth of wood

First of all, cut the required number of its parts, taking into account the perimeter of the room.Here we must try to select a plinth as long as possible, so that there were fewer joints.Next, the adjustment in the corners and saw off the corners at 45 degrees.Junctions also sawed by this degree.Once the details have been prepared, they are applied to the wall and pressed look, exactly there adjacent plinth.If cracks form, the details can be adjusted slightly to file.The slots in the rough parts intended for painting, after mounting sealed wood putty, and then all covered with paint or varnish.If the product is supposed to cover the varnish to seal the cracks using small wooden sawdust mixed with the carpenter's glue and varnish.

How to mount a wooden plinth to the floor or wall?If the walls or floor foundation are of wood, it nailed.If the basis of the concrete plinth is fastened using dowels or wooden chepov in which screwed screws or nails hammered.The distance between the fastening leave 30-50 cm, depending on the curvature of the walls and floor.Begin to mount the angle and finish near the door trims.

How to fix plastic moldings?

Once again, we note that the plastic part is much easier to fix than wood.There are skirting with special clips for fixing.In this case, to simply snap clip attached to the wall.In other models, the clip is not provided, then the parts are fixed to the wall with screws and plugs in the channel for the wiring, which is then masked by a removable plastic strip.How to mount the plinth made of plastic in the corners?For this there are special corners, internal and external, came with the product, so it is not necessary to adjust and trim angle.These parts are easy to put on and fixed to the plinth at the corners of the room.The joints are also provided along the walls of special connecting elements, and its open ends are put ready stub.When buying plastic products be sure to purchase all necessary additional elements to it.So, the question of how to strengthen the floor plinth made of plastic, can be solved very simply.With this work will cope anyone.

to natural wooden floors made to pick up the plinth, but given the fact that it is much more difficult to fix, in a small room where there is little public walls, it is possible to use a plastic skirting suitable color.Another thing in the big indoor area.There is certainly a priority, and has a wooden plinth desirable wide, the so-called colonial style, then the room will look particularly beautiful and elegant, but as well to mount the plinth, it is clear from the foregoing.