What is the best winter tires: the spikes or Velcro?

among motorists there is a lot of debate about what the best winter tires: thorns, or Velcro.Some argue for the first, the other - in favor of the second.And sellers are sometimes introduced car owners in confusion, not offering what you need.Today we try to give drivers the ultimate answer to the question of what kind of winter tires better studs or velcro.

Review studless rubber

This rubber is often called Velcro, but many newcomers have no idea what it is.And it's pretty simple.Thanks to the special soft tread tire if this sticks to the road surface, ensuring maximum vehicle grip.Hence the name "Velcro".Before giving a precise answer to the question "what winter tires better spikes or Velcro," let's look at the pros and cons of non-studded wheels.

Let's start with the advantages.The main advantage is its silent Velcro.On any road surface, whether asphalt or bare ice, the car has no permanent hum and vibration.The car with such tires consumes far less fuel than one that is equipped with "spikes".Driving this vehicle is much more convenient and safer, especially on the pavement cleared.And another plus - free entry to the European Union.The fact is that in many European countries is forbidden to use studded tires on cars and trucks, as most trails are regularly cleared of snow, respectively, the spikes will damage the top of the asphalt.

But there are disadvantages to Velcro.This is primarily increased stopping distances and less manageability and loose packed snow.What

winter tires better spikes or Velcro?Review studded wheels

This tire has appeared much earlier than described above.Its main advantages lie in braking performance on ice and safe cornering.Spikes provide car excellent grip when braking and accelerating.Moreover, they are more effectively behave on snow.

the negative side, there is the drivers first note the high noisiness.Inside constantly heard the distinctive sound of contact with the road.In addition, the driver feels a slight vibration in the steering wheel that gives them great discomfort on longer journeys.Fuel consumption, anyway, by 5-10 percent will be greater.And one more thing - the fragility of thorns.They tend to grind and take off at running on cleared asphalt surface.Because of this, the life of such wheels did not exceed 2-3 seasons (the first type of tire can withstand up to 5 seasons).

So what to choose?Spikes or Velcro better?

Of course, if you live in a big city, where the roads are regularly cleared of snow, choose a non-studded tires.On the other, you just lost all spikes in a week or two.Well, if you often go for uncleared areas, clearly reasonable solution is to buy a "spike."

As you can see, the answer to the question "What is better: sticky tires or studs" depends on the area in which you operate the car.