Russian "brains" continue to leak

Today Russian innovation sector, a critical situation, and it is connected with the outflow abroad, a large number of talented young scientists, research professionals and developers.Such a statement was made by the National Association of innovation and development of information technology.

In 2009, as part of professional exile in the United States has left 56 thousand people in Israel - about 13 thousand, Australia - 12 thousand, Germany - 9000 in Canada - 8000.In total since 1992, according to the United Nations Population Fund, emigrated from Russia more than 3 million professionals.

Such figures analysts explain the aggressive policies of the leading Western states and the states of the Southeast region to attract the most talented and promising scientists from other countries to work in their scientific and high-tech sectors.The greatest interest are the experts in the field of mathematics (22%), physics (16%), chemicals (11%), IT and biotechnology (25% and 12%, respectively).Curiously, interest outsourced aimed primarily at creative thinking of young scientists up to 30 years, are capable of forming revolutionary ideas and technologies.

State programs to attract scientific talent include the creation of a large number of high-paying jobs to foreign experts, offer favorable conditions of assimilation and citizenship, providing a broad social welfare programs.Currently, such projects are actively implementing the US, UK, Germany, France, Israel, Australia, China, South Korea, Japan, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore.The result of the implementation of these programs is that today more than 90 thousand young Russian scientists are working on a permanent basis in the US, 40 thousand - in Germany, 20 thousand - in the UK, about 4 thousand - in Japan and about 25 thousand - in China.

estimated NAIR, 2018 the Russian scientific community may lose the layer of creative professionals, which is impossible without the process of creating innovative technologies.Next will come a critical point, after which the restoration of the full layer becomes impossible.

As a conservation measure, the scientific staff NAIRIT proposes the creation of the National Fund for scientific talent.Its aim should be to compile and maintain the registry of the most gifted young Russian scientists.The basis of the rules of the roster candidate will achieve significant results in science have received international recognition.Participants of this project will have a special status and a number of privileges - from financial support to the possibility of meeting with top officials of the state for the purpose of discussing the problems of Russian science.

"To save is still sufficiently high scientific potential, we need to create the most talented and promising Russian scientists special social status that they do not get in any other country. This can be a serious argument in favor of the decision to stay and work in Russia," -He commented Olga Uskov, President NAIR.

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