How to remove acne

There are many reasons that provoke the appearance of acne on the face.And one of the most common - the wrong skin care and unbalanced diet.If you think that these two reasons led to the emergence of these horrible acne, take into service a few interesting tips.And, of course, begin to correct the situation completely.

Remove acne, without leaving home, can help several products that should be consumed not only outside but also inside.Thus, your skin receives all necessary materials.And pimples disappear very quickly and quite possibly more, nothing will.

How to remove pimples Water

usual, all the usual water - an ideal tool in the fight for the purity of the skin.Just drink it must be at least 8 glasses every day.Enough water helps to cleanse the entire body, and hence the skin.In addition, pure water therein stimulates the regeneration process.

Now "outside".The same plain water with only a small amount of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar can be used for their daily washing.

How to remove pimples olive oil

This oil is very rich in vitamins E and A. Last moisturizes the skin, and E - is struggling with aging.Perhaps that is why nutritionists strongly recommend the use of this oil for cooking almost all food and ... for wiping oily skin!

This interesting and unusual procedure allows more moisture kept in the skin.Do you want to remove pimples?Then just type in a small amount of olive oil on cotton wool and wipe his face.You can then remove the remnants of the normal tissue.This mask is suitable even for those who have very oily skin, it is well absorbed and did not clog pores.

How to remove acne: green tea

Green tea - a great tool to help deal with acne and become the owner of a beautiful and clear skin.Drink more of this tea, because it is not only the source of the necessary moisture, and catechin (a substance having anti-inflammatory action).In addition, a lot of green tea antioxidant properties, and it prolongs the youth of the skin.

not believe that it can help in the fight against acne?And in vain!

So just cool tea and pour it into molds for ice.Now we have to put them in the freezer.To remove acne, it is necessary to wipe the skin three times a day.Ice perfectly tones the face and tea - removes any inflammation.

How to remove pimples wheat

Wheat is rich in selenium, helps to restore damaged skin cells and more rapid disappearance of the hated acne.Therefore, if you want your skin has always been smooth and beautiful, enter it in the menu on a regular basis.

to combat acne on the outside, beauticians are advised to make a mask of grown wheat.To prepare it, you need to grind two tablespoons of wheat and finely grated carrots.Add a tablespoon of olive oil and honey, and apply a few drops of oil fir.

How to remove pimples: minced meat

Yes, do not be surprised!No one can tell you how to remove pimples overnight, but a couple of days is possible.

order for the body to function properly it needs proteins.But its main "suppliers": meat and fish.And eat something, and others are best when baked, boiled or doubles.

A raw meat can be used as an ingredient in the mask, which helps to great to deal with acne.To do it: Cut the meat and apply it to problem areas for about 30 minutes.

Another good recipe: Mix minced meat with olive oil and egg yolk.All this has left for 20 minutes with a thin layer on the face.