How to make "maynkraft" egg-born and create new heroes

So today we will talk with you about how to make a "maynkraft" egg resident or even urge new inhabitant to your joy.There are several options that we consider.But first, let's take a closer look at our item is.

What and why?

Before you make in the "maynkraft" egg resident, let's get to know what we're dealing with.It may be true that this item is to us and does not need to translate ideas of creating men in life.

Egg inhabitant "Maynkraft" - is nothing more than an object, using which, you get the opportunity to call new characters.So an item will help us with our ideas.It is, one might say, a kind of egg invocation.Let's see how to make it affordable.

Dishonest option

Well, let's think about it, to solve our problem.How to Make Egg resident "Maynkraft"?To start with you will try the easiest option - a dishonest manner.However, it is the fastest and most faithful version.

worth noting that if you are thinking about how to make a "maynkraft" egg resident, then you have to go to the mode of creation.After that we can think about the issue.To get an item desired, enter the command "give".We must now write the object id.Then you need an item will appear in your inventory.That's all.Can create their own men.

Where possible, and where there is no

But how to do "maynkraft" egg resident yourself?Other eggs invocation easy craft.They require little material.And, of course, the most common egg.What is required to create a new resident of the city or village?

The thing is that our present item can not be crafted by yourself.It is only available with the command "give" in the mode of creation.So, in this game our eggs can be stopped.But do not despair.Instead, the game has a great opportunity to feel like a real magician and sorcerer.What is it about?You can easily run into a zombie and turn it into a new man.So, now that we know how to do in the "maynkraft" egg resident, let's try now create it from the walking dead.

Games with dead

Well, let's start our transformation.First we need to find a victim, that is, zombies, with whom we will carry out all manipulations.Found?Great, then you can begin to take action.

For a start will have to collect a lot of resources.Of these, we will do two important an item that will help us in the difficult task.The first thing you need to get it - it's apple.One thing.More precisely, as much as you want to make transformations.Since we do per capita, then 1 apple, we would be enough.Get it would be hard enough - it falls to the foliage with a very small probability.When the desired fruit in the hands, we can start to look for the following items.

Next in line we have a gold bar.It can be extracted from the block of gold.With the destruction of the "cube" will drop you a few of the necessary resources.So, try to search the blocks very carefully.If you can not find them, do not be upset - suit and gold nuggets.If you combine several pieces, you will get an ingot.However, you can also collect gold ore and process it.At the exit to obtain the necessary bar.Align it with the apple - get the golden apple.Put the fruit and go for further exploration.

now necessary to think about such items as the potion weakness.For it would have to find a mushroom, a little powder, eye spider Guest sugar and a bottle of water.All this is very easy to get in the game world.Now align the eyes and mushroom.Pour some sugar and process in the cooking rack.Next, mix the resulting item is a bulb and gunpowder.Get the potion weakness.It remains only to throw him into a zombie, and on top of "venerate" golden apple.That's all.Now you know how to do in the "maynkraft" egg-born and men themselves without further problems.