Conveyor belts - stress state to operation

peculiarity of conveyor belts is that since the "beginning of birth" of their members are in tension before installing them into operation.

source of the stress state of the elements of the conveyor belt are processing steps in the manufacture of tapes.

When assembling the core tension fabric gaskets different, thus, the greater the number, the greater the difference in tension pads.When the burst test failure more "strained" pads occurs first, and then the rest.

This conveyor belt losing margin.

nonsimultaneity gap spacers reduce the overall strength of the tapes, the operation simultaneity increases even more, reducing, eventually margin strips.

therefore establish "too" multi-layer tape on the responsible conveyors inappropriate rationally choose lower ply tapes with stronger base fabric.

Upon application squeegee (layer) on the fabric carcass operative and inoperative (raw calendered mixtures) plates and boards during manufacture tapes also occur (and largely remains) a voltage in the elements of the tapes.

the final stage - curing the stress is partially reduced and partially "fixed", especially when stretched and pressed blanks in the press.

presence of residual stress is easily determined visually.For example, if the sample is peeled working electrode "particularly thick" from the carcass, and then applied to the place of the recess, it is possible to see a marked shortening (i.e. to delamination liner is in a "stretched" condition).

Cut off from the rubber core board becomes pronounced crescent, indicating the presence of residual stresses.

This phenomenon should be taken into account in the repair and maintenance of the tapes.

For example, in the repair of "bubbles" of the working electrode after curing it is necessary to peel a much larger area than the "bubble" and then apply the patch.Otherwise, the operation is a "peel off" places factory repair "bubbles" and gradual destruction of the zone.

abrasion portion of one of the sides of tapes in the operation and the impossibility of its fast repair is recommended to carefully trim the opposite side of the board to avoid the appearance of camber and decentering tapes.

In practice, quite often need emergency replacement of a destroyed section of the tape.At the same time due to the lack of sufficient reserve sometimes have to cut their broad bands narrower piece.In such cases it is recommended to conduct cutting on both (width) side of the tape to avoid a possible camber of the resulting preform.

in operation often occur longitudinal and transverse cuts through belts in contact with the flow of cargo in third-party items and jamming in the magazine.If the place of the cut-through is not quickly repaired, then it is due to the presence of residual stresses is "trying" to curl up into a tube.Repair of such injuries complicated and sometimes ineffective.

Thus, the phenomenon of residual stresses must be considered in the repair and maintenance of the tapes.Conveyor belt - the main element of the conveyor, so it determines the durability and reliability of the conveyor.