The group of islands.

entire land of our planet is divided into two categories - the continents and islands.The difference between them is the size as well as in geology.Island of education, in turn, are also quite different: some are very large, while others - very tiny.So now we know more about what is an island, a group of islands, what they are and where most are located.

description of the island as a part of the planetary land

Geographically the island - a plot of land which is located in the waters of the oceans.With four sides it is washed by the waters, so does not have access to the continent by land.In nature, there are solitary islands, which have a very impressive size and are known to everyone.It Madagascar, Greenland, and many others.In addition, the island can form the archipelago, composed of both large areas of land, and very small.Each island group has its own name, is located in one of the seas or oceans.This can be as an independent state and the province, which belongs to one of the continental powers.

geology and origin

Few of us know about what actually are the origin of the most famous archipelagos in the world.In geology, there are four types of education Islands: coral, alluvial, volcanic and continental.First appearing in the ocean due to the livelihoods of similar marine organisms.The famous group of islands of this type - Marshall, located in the Pacific Ocean.Precoat and the mainland could be related to the same category, as they often have many common features.This British island of Sakhalin, Tasmania, New Earth.Canadian Arctic Archipelago, also can be attached to the group.The last type - volcanic, formed by the rise of the seismically active mountains above sea level.The most striking resort that has a similar geology, considered Hawaii.

in the far Arctic wilderness ...

known that in the Arctic Ocean and the seas of the basin there are many islands, provinces that belong to the Russian Federation.Among them, special attention should be given new land - an archipelago, which consists of two large islands.They are called the North and South, separated by the Strait of Matochkin.This is the place, which is located in the zone of the Arctic wilderness.Most of the archipelago throughout the year covered by ice as thick as 300 meters.However, it should be noted that the climate here is very changeable.South Island is washed by the Barents Sea, where warm currents can be traced.The northern part of the archipelago is bathed in the Kara Sea, where coastal areas are always covered with glaciers.

Relief New Earth

this Arctic group of islands is a very mountainous terrain.The most significant ridges and elevation observed in the south of the archipelago.In the district of Matochkin Bowl is the highest point of the island, which rises to 1547 meters above sea level.The names it has, although some sources referred to as mountain Kruzenshtern.To the north of the ridges become less steep and high.Here the terrain is immersed in the endless strip of frozen rivers and glaciers.Because of the mountainous terrain of the local waters have little depth - up to 3 meters and their length does not exceed 130 km.All the rivers in the summer have a very swift current, and in the winter they freeze to the bottom of water.Also in the New Earth there are many lakes of different origin.

Another Northern Province

The same Arctic Ocean located archipelago of Franz Josef Land.On the map you can find very near the Arctic Circle, in the area of ​​Arctic ice deserts and eternal.This municipality is part of the Arkhangelsk region, but the terrain is not a single village.There are located only a few military bases, border posts and other government branches.The archipelago consists of 192 islands, mostly small in size.All of them are divided into three parts.East is separated from the rest of the Austrian Strait.The central part - a high concentration of small islands between the Austrian and the British Strait channel.And the West, which includes the largest island of the archipelago - George Land.

Wonders of the Far East

amazing and unique is a group of Japanese islands, which includes 6852 units.All are located in the waters of the Pacific Ocean, in a seismically active zone.List the geological structure of each of them is problematic, and if they describe in general, it may be noted that some lands are alluvial origin, others - volcanic.The head of the archipelago island of Honshu - the largest in area and population.This plot of land occupies 60% of the area of ​​the whole country, and here there are more than 100 million people.On the rise of Honshu Japan's largest cities, including the capital Tokyo.Also on the island is the mountain symbol of the country - Fuji, the crater of which is covered with snow.

Other major land

Japan's second largest island state - Hokkaido.Locals believe the land most harsh climate.Although the local latitude south of the same in Europe, but because of the proximity to the ocean and the constant winds, the weather conditions here are quite different.Kyushu - Island workers.It also has large cities.Here the climate is softer, so highly developed agriculture.In the north of Kyushu has long operated factories that provide life throughout the country.Well, the fourth largest island of the rising sun - is Shikoku.The local city is not as great as in the rest of the land, there are many towns and villages.The area is famous for, however, pilgrimage churches built in the history of the state.

most vivid archipelago on the planet

Today, almost every one of us can afford to travel even to the most remote and little-known island.Tourists all over the world have chosen the Seychelles, the Bahamas, Hawaii, Maldives ... These regions are known for its stunning landscapes, unique nature, clear ocean water, hot climate and clean air.The important fact is that similar conditions each group boasts sea islands, if it is located in a tropical or equatorial zone.The largest representative of this paradise is considered the Malay Archipelago, which stretches from the Philippines to the coast of Australia.It includes lots of different islands, where you can enjoy summer all year round.