When and how did the Earth

question about how the Earth was formed, worried minds of scientists for many millennia.It is a set of versions - from a purely theological to the modern formed on the basis of deep space exploration.

But since the formation of our planet no one had a chance to attend, is to rely on circumstantial "evidence."It is also a great help in removing the veil from this mystery, we have a powerful telescope.

solar system

Earth history is inextricably linked with the emergence and evolution of the star around which it revolves.And so we will have to start from afar.According to scientists, the Big Bang took one or two billion years for the galaxy steel roughly as they are now.The solar system is there, presumably, to eight billion years later.

Most scientists agree on the fact that she, like all such space objects emerged from the cloud of dust and gas, as the matter in the universe is distributed unevenly: somewhere it was larger, and elsewhere - less.In the former case, this leads to the formation of nebulae of gas and dust.At some point, possibly by external influence like a cloud sank and began to spin.The reason for what happened, probably lies in the explosion of a supernova somewhere in the vicinity of the cradle of our future.However, if all the star systems are formed about the same, this hypothesis seems questionable.Most likely, reaching a certain mass, the cloud began to attract more particles and compressed, and the torque acquired due to the uneven distribution of matter in space.Over time, the spinning clot grew denser in the middle.Thus, under the influence of the enormous pressure and the temperature, and there was our sun.

hypotheses different years

As mentioned above, people are always wondering about how to form a planet Earth.The first scientific studies appeared only in the seventeenth century AD.At the time it was made many discoveries, including the laws of physics.According to one of hypotheses, Earth was formed by the collision of a comet with the sun as a residual from the explosion of a substance.According to another - our system originated from cold cosmic dust clouds.

Particles last faced each other and connected until the sun and planets formed.But French scientists assume that this cloud was hot.As the cooling is rotated and compressed to form a ring.Of the latter, and the planets formed.And in the center of the sun appeared.Englishman James Jeans suggested that once past our luminary flew another star.She pulled out her attraction substance from the Sun, from which subsequently formed the planets.

As the Earth formed

According to modern scientists, the solar system emerged from the cold dust and gas.The material is compressed and split into several parts.From the largest piece and the Sun formed.This piece was rotated and heated up.He became like a disk.Because of dense particles on the periphery of the gas-dust cloud and the planets, including our Earth.Meanwhile, in the center of the emerging stars under high temperatures and enormous pressure went thermonuclear reactions.

There is a hypothesis that emerged in the search for extrasolar planets (Earth-like), the more the star of heavy elements, the less likely the emergence of life near it.This is due to the fact that a lot of the content leads to the gas giants around the world - objects like Jupiter.And these giants will inevitably move toward the star and ejected from the small planet orbits.


Earth was formed about four and a half billion years ago.Rotating around the glowing disk pieces were becoming harder.It is expected that initially attracted them to the particles through electrical forces.And at some point, when the mass of the "coma" has reached a certain level, he began to attract everyone in the neighborhood is already using gravity.

As is the case with the sun, a clot has become compressed and heated.The substance is completely melted.Eventually form heavier center consisting mainly of metal.When the Earth was formed, she slowly began to cool, and of the lighter substances formed crust.


And then there was the moon, but not as much as the Earth was formed, again, on the assumption of scientists and found on our satellite minerals.Earth has cooled down, faced with a slightly smaller size of other planets.As a result, both objects are completely melted and turned into one.A matter ejected by the explosion was to revolve around the Earth.Because of him and he turned the moon.It is said that the minerals found on the moon, the earth differ from its structure, as if the substance was melted and re-frozen.But the same thing happened to our planet.And why is it creepy encounter did not lead to the complete destruction of two objects with the formation of small fragments?Many mysteries.

way of life

Then the Earth began to cool again.Again metallic core formed, and then a thin surface layer.And between them - a relatively movable substance - cloak.Thanks to the strong volcanic activity formed the planet's atmosphere.

Initially it, of course, was totally unsuitable for human breathing.And life would be impossible without the appearance of liquid water.It is assumed that the latest brought to our planet billions of meteorites from the outskirts of the solar system.Apparently, some time after the Earth was formed, there was a powerful bombardment, which could be the cause of the gravitational influence of Jupiter.Water was concluded in minerals, volcanoes and turned it into steam, and it falls on the earth's surface, forming the oceans.Then there was oxygen.According to many scientists, this was due to livelihoods of ancient organisms, which could appear in those harsh conditions.But that's another story.And mankind each year is getting closer and closer to getting an answer to the question, how did the planet Earth.