How to buy an apartment in Moscow?

Capital real estate market has been the most dynamic and attractive.Strong demand for housing in Moscow is maintained in all segments, but in terms of liquidity is apartments occupy the first place.In connection with this pressing question of how to buy an apartment in Moscow without the risks and on the most favorable terms.The answer can not be unequivocal, because the operation of this level requires taking into account the many nuances that affect the format of the transaction, the procedure for registration of the contract, the approach to the selection of the object, etc.

Preparatory analysis

Before you sign the necessary documents and calculate the owner of the apartment, it is necessary to find out a number of facts, knowledge of which will ensure the purity of the transaction.The first is the owner loyalty, his sanity and competence are the basic foundation, in accordance with which the purchase is carried out of the apartment.The documents in this case could be the following:

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  • Treaty donation.
  • Help psycho-emotional state of the wearer.
  • Permitting reference (from children, relatives, and other holders of real estate).
  • Testament.

At this stage it is important not only to determine the correctness of the direct legal rights to the apartment, how to analyze the possible indirect factors that may in the future be a cause for termination of the transaction.

Check apartments

At this stage of advance preparation for the transaction, it is important to assess whether he is clean property in legal and technical terms.It is known that large flows of changing owners in the metropolitan areas complicate the "biography" of property.Therefore, any realtor, explaining how to buy an apartment in Moscow, advised to carefully check information about making repairs, remodeling and status communication networks.

In addition, should be checked legal documents, including a certificate from the BTI and passport.There are cases when the apartments sold are pledged to the lending institutions, so a thorough revision of the legal status of the real estate will be useful.The same applies to the technical state of the object: it is important to not only know how to buy an apartment in Moscow without the legal risks, but to get it in the form in which the seller claims.Often in the course of operation found serious defects in the repair, so a comprehensive analysis is essential preparation for a deal.

Check for discharge USRR

One of the main sources of reliable information on which a buyer can independently verify the data on a particular object, a state register (USRR), which fixed the rights to real estate and transactions with it.Certificates are issued, even without awareness of the owner, who planned to buy an apartment.Documents from the Unified State Register are official and contain information about the owner of the apartment.Also, you can find an extract from the legal grounds on which the seller has become the owner of the property.

The deal

procedure in terms of paperwork purchase can be divided into two parts: the fixing of the payment calculation and execution of the contract.Payment recommended in non-cash form.In cases where housing is purchased from private individuals, made calculations and confirmed by the act, and a receipt, which stated, all data on financial transactions, that is, who is who, and how much money is transferred.

second part of the majority of citizens perceived as the registration of the contract at the notary.Unfortunately, this is not quite correct understanding of how to buy an apartment in Moscow without the risk of legal problems in the future.In fact, the deal on the purchase and can be locked in the normal writing, but it is necessary to assure the capital Rosreestra.And then in addition to the agreement submitted notarial certificate and an extract from the house register.

Resale and new building: Features of purchase

Both options involve some risks when you make transactions.If you plan to buy second homes, special attention should be paid to the legal history of the object.The older the house, the greater the likelihood that the property had a large number of owners, so the current status of the property to be analyzed in detail.

not so simple and apartments in new buildings.Who wants to become the owner of the property rights by issuing participatory construction should initially ascertain the reliability of the developer.The mandatory list of documents that should be read to the buyer, includes authorization to construction, ownership of land, the project declaration.In spite of all the disadvantages and risks of cooperation with the developers, the construction is not completed at the time of the transaction, the purchase of apartments in new building has two significant advantages: the price of such objects in an average 25% lower, and the history of operating housing completely clean.

Buying without the initial capital

first thing people think, do not have enough money for housing - is mortgage loans.Unfortunately, in the pure form of loans without a down payment today, no.Most programs focused on the security in the form of mortgages available real estate, but there are nuances.For example, buying an apartment in the mortgage, usually impossible without a stable income and a clean credit history.

In some cases, families can use the maternity capital.Help from the state banks become a good and reliable tool in the improvement of living conditions, but also to the purchaser of the apartment will have to invest up to 15% of project cost.

alternative mortgage and installment can become.Today, the option of buying rather refers to the tools of marketing, rather than banking services, however in the Moscow real estate market is quite possible to get a six-month installment plan, subject to the 50% of the cost.Of course, buying an apartment in the mortgage involves a much longer payout, but a package of documents for registration of credit larger.

If we compare the interest rates of the program, the installment will be less attractive.For example, if the period provided for full payment of less than 10 years, the size of the additional investments can exceed 15%.If mortgage interest rates are much more profitable.