How to change the language of the keyboard.

One of the main issues faced by the newly every computer owner is: "How do I change the language of the keyboard?".A rather funny situation: the company Microsoft (and today we will talk specifically about its software product - OS Vindovs) is doing everything possible to simplify the user experience, but a complete solution to the problem is still far.Why is that?Because every now and then asks the question of how to change the keyboard language.Obviously, if it did not present difficulties, no one would be so not interested.In this article we will look at several ways of how to change the language on the keypad, and deliberately avoiding difficult decisions.

System functions

To understand how to change the language on the keypad, you can use the appropriate icon in the system tray near the clock.An icon is easy to find - it has a notation language (Ru, En, Ua ...).After clicking on it with the left mouse button displays a list of languages ​​installed in the system - can only specify the desired.However, this method can not be considered comfortable.There are simple ways of how to change the language of the keyboard.

example, often uses a special combination of hotkeys.So, at any time, you can press Alt + Shift, then the language will be switched to the next in the list.The combination is customizable.


The control panel has an icon "Regional and Language Options".If you press it, a window selection mode.In most cases there needed tab "Keyboards and Languages".In the "General" you can click the "Add" button and specify the desired language - they form the list, which switches the hot buttons.Language bar - is an icon in the notification area, and can also be customized according to your wishes.Tab switching the keyboard to specify the desired combination, since some users for one reason or another do not like it adopted the system default.

Automatic switching keyboard

Despite the abundance of the language bar settings, there is a much more convenient solution to forget about the complex combinations and selection lists.

example, a user working with a text editor.Casually forgetting to switch the language of the keyboard without looking at the screen instead of "Hello" can dial «Plhfdcndeqnt».Of course, seeing the mistake, it can be corrected, but it is unlikely someone will like that.If the installed language switching (the best - Punto Switcher), it alone will change the language of the words typed, appropriately converting letters.Of course, one should not expect miracles from the program: to transform the Japanese word in Russian can not always happen.However, even with the existing ability to work effectively in a word processor is greatly increased, as the number of errors is reduced.

clicking on its icon next to the clock, right-click, you can get to the setup screen.Here, everything is obvious.There is a developed system of care.As a rule, you can do without any adjustments, because it works "out of the box."