The secret is simple and unusual names: Renata and Vladimir

matter how unusual it was not a woman's name, it can be quite a clear interpretation.And even the simple and common male name can be a very difficult point.Here, for example, Renata Litvinova and ... Vladimir Putin.


short temper, resentment, and a kind of perfectionism that distinguish Renata in childhood, over the years become the dominant feature of her character.

Renata grows hard-working, able to navigate the life of a woman.It is slightly too heavy to lift, but if you really get down to business, grasp it tenaciously and not let go until they bring to the end.Especially persistent winter Renata.At the same time, these women tend to indulge in dreams, to build castles in the air, and along with the heroes of novels seriously worry all the vicissitudes of love drama.Grievances do not remember for a long time, but it can explode at any trifle.
Renate marries early, quickly gets used to the role of mistress of the house and takes her perfectly.She's a good

kulinarka not miss the opportunity to show off his skills in front of guests.Renata is extremely sociable, she has a lot of friends with whom she shares many secrets of family life.Except for those born in the summer months Renat is usually open people.If they have a misfortune, aware of this all around.Similarly, they are divided and their successes, managing at the same time with all my heart rejoice the success of others.

Renata adheres to strict moral principles, fraudulent acts does not forgive and, if it decides that a person has betrayed her, nothing could stop her - she always breaks all relations with him.She clearly lacks flexibility and worldly wisdom.


Vladimir in early childhood shows curiosity and seeks to test their knowledge in practice.He is inclined to take risks, and to some extent even adventurous.It seeks the company of peers to take a leading position.He listens to advice parents.The study gives him the best technical expertise, but the stakes in their career advancement Vladimir primarily makes to social activities.Not conflict, avoid direct confrontation when discussing controversial issues.

In everyday life, Vladimir particularly appreciates comfort.He loves beautiful furniture, expensive china, carpets, paintings.Aspires to ideal cleanliness and order, therefore, is opposed to the contents of the house cats, dogs and all other animals.The maximum that he could accept - is some small plant in a flower pot.In men especially appreciate the mind and strength.It has a quick reaction to events is able to make an independent decision.He is experiencing weakness for praise in his address.For Vladimir is very important opinion about it around you.Vladimir

more interested in a woman with a predominance of romantic qualities, and to a lesser degree of care, whether the woman is able to organize a gala dinner.Vladimir faithful in marriage, but not because of a personal attachment to his wife, but rather due to the big employment and unwillingness to spoil their well-established life.He passed on to his wife everyday worries associated with raising children, but willingly help understand the homework.

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