How to make of the "Lego" basis - the basis for future buildings

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Today practically to meet a person who knows nothing about the designer "Lego".This toy fascinates and amuses not only children, but also teenagers and even adults.Going on a visit to a family in which there are children, you can see the picture: on the floor strewn different Circuits and dad with her son seven years of heated debate, how to make "Lego" base for Star Wars, and something enthusiastically collected.And Dad even more passionate about old son.

what you can create from the designer

basis of a toy building block with spikes through which items can be connected to one another in any order and sequence.Designer allows you to collect model airplanes, rockets, machinery and robots, build whole cities and fabulous houses, as well as the base for aircraft and military systems.Practical advice, how to make "Lego" framework, in particular the military, will be considered later.This will help to have fun and to spend their free time for the whole family.

How to make of the "Lego" base?Putting the basis for future games

Base - the main component of most buildings further.Building it will not be hard, if you have large collections of designers.

  1. first determines what purpose we build a base - for the construction of a new great city or warships.It depends on the material and details of which the base is made, as well as its color.
  2. to the foundation has not collapsed in the arms of her path route from the table to the floor, and on the contrary, it is better to choose a ready-made building the fundamental base plate or grid.The first specifically designed for the bulk of buildings and significantly reduce assembly time.Base meshes help in the event that not enough of the desired color for the coating of basic plates or need to create different levels of the building.
  3. basis, depending on the chosen construction, it is possible to create relief.To do this, select plitochki desired size and color and are interconnected in the order that you need to select the landscape.Its edges may be irregular, rounded and convex.Turn imagination.

How to make a "Lego" - a military base with his hands?

You will need:

  • Mini figures from a large set designer.Make them the same uniforms and hats.Select a time of hostilities, either you will have a modern army and military groups from past centuries.The army is almost ready!
  • Oruzhie- "Lego."Shells of every soldier and commander of the weapon.Watch out for the era in which deployed military action.
  • Decorations battle pets - on request.
  • "Lego" -kirpichiki, cars, appliances.What kind of war without means of transportation?

of bricks by interfacing parts Line up trenches, bunkers and shelters.Put to the soldiers and officers.

You can start the game!Line up the strategy and tactics of military action.The Military Council for speedy victory: try to create an army of decent size with a good command of the system in which 40% consists of infantry, 16% of officers and 10% of artillery and transport.

And now - a boast!Fill

video with instructions for building and best fights and games on its own channel in YouTube, and see how to make a "Lego" -base will be grateful thousands of users on your channel.

Finally, information inquisitive.

Circuits, released in 1960, it is easy to dock sets 2010.Despite the change in design, the building blocks are joined equally over 50 years.Therefore, the question of how to make "Lego" base of the remains of the constructor inherited from his older brother, and a set purchased in the last month, did not hang in the air, the assembly will not be easy.