How to connect speakers to your computer

Every owner of a personal digital assistant, sooner or later wondering how to connect speakers to your computer.Even conservatives are convinced, initially believing that you can do normal headphones over time change their minds in favor of the columns, even as an additional source.In fact, usability is difficult to overestimate them at the user's computer is easily transformed into the most modern music center that supports not only the karaoke, but complex processing of the audio stream.

Surprisingly, but the very first question faced by every other owner of a PC - this is not how to connect speakers to your computer, and select which devices.There are three ways to solve the problem-oriented customers with different financial capabilities.

Some users do not need speakers for listening to music, and to hear the alarm messages in ICQ or miss a call in Skype.In this case, the choice is very simple, since you can use any two (stereo).The only recommendation is better to look at the models, the body of which is made of wood.Low wooden sound much better than the plastic of the same class.The difference in cost between the two although there are, but it is insignificant.

But they are acquired.How to connect speakers to your computer now?Wire from them is connected to the green audio adapter connector on the rear of the system unit.Some cards Jack Detect function is not working properly, so the wire is activated when the computer is on.If the power cord is provided, do not forget about it.

Those who appreciate good sound and not too pressed for money, it makes sense to choose a standard multi-channel sound system 5.1 (or higher).In this case, the question of how to connect the speakers to the computer - a bit different, as are utilized for at least 3 sound card connectors.First you need to assemble the system, following the accompanying instructions.Connecting meets Color Coded Connector, so the green connector of computer sound cards include a front speaker in blue - rear and pink leaves for the center speaker and subwoofer.After that is set up in Windows multichannel audio mode.

Similarly, the question is how to connect 4 speakers to the computer.Three connectors: green, blue and pink.Two one, two - in the other, and setting the driver - in 5.1.Sometimes you may need to adjust the volume on different outputs.

Not every potential buyer will dare to lay out a decent amount for the device is not the essentials.Fortunately, there is a solution.Certainly, many are gathering dust on the shelf speakers from the music center or even powerful 75 watts, miraculously remaining from the Soviet era.It is unlikely that their creators could assume that their creations will play the sound from your computer.Judging by the number of questions, how to connect a speaker from the center to the computer, ask on the forums, this possibility is of concern to many.

All these solutions require the use of an active amplifier, as these devices connect directly burn reinforcing sound stages.As the center, and independent amplifier must be connected to the audio adapter.In modern audio centers connector «In» made standard 3.5 mm.We buy cable with 3.5 mm plugs: one side of the center, the other - in the green card slot.Older amplifiers are designed for the 5 pin circular connectors, so you need to solder a simple adapter to 3.5 mm (or available on the market), and connect the outputs.It remains to translate center in through the amplifier (the first case), or turn on the device (the second).Speaker Configuration - stereo.