How cool laptop

Deciding to buy a mobile computer, you must be mentally prepared for the fact that one would have to delve into the question of how to cool the laptop.

problem of overheating PC is not as prevalent, as compared to close the laptop casing system unit is spacious enough, and the fans radiators more effectively perform their functions.Every day on the Internet someone asks "how cool the laptop," is evidence of its importance.Well, let's deal.We start from afar.

each buyer to choose their future laptop, a consultant at the store asked to appoint a computer, the main types of tasks.This allows you to more accurately choose the appropriate model, with an emphasis on speed, cost or compromise version.

overheating problems is typical for high-performance models, since the growth of computer and electric power consumption is directly dependent.It turns out that buying a fast laptop, you can expect quick problem with excessive heat.Multicore processors and powerful discrete graphics card, "voracious" hard drive permanently included wireless connectivity - all this contributes to the total consumption and, indirectly, in the heat.Such systems even with simple typing in office programs dissipate a lot of heat.And with the "heavy" applications, especially modern computer games, load transistor group increases, causing a rise in temperature, so you have to understand how to cool the laptop.

So, we have identified the cause of the first heat - powerful productive components.What a change in this case is difficult: it is possible to improve the thermal regime, but does not reduce itself heating.If heated laptop, you need to follow these guidelines:

- Less to run complex applications.Tip controversial, but still ...;

- Do not work with a laptop, putting him on a blanket, rug, or other soft surface.The fact that the air intake fan for cooling the internal components are just through the grate in the bottom cover.When placed on a blanket lattice is closed, so there is nothing to cool the radiator, causing instant heat.Actually - this is one of the most common causes.Solution: laptop should stand on a table or similar surface, and it is for this;

- important ambient temperature, so do not expect a cold body when placed next to a laptop running a radiator.Not in vain in the passport The estimated value of the humidity and temperature of the ambient air;

- Sometimes the laptop heats up due to clogging of the cooling system.This problem can be put on the first place in frequency of occurrence.Small frequent radiator fins, compact fan and several heat pipes are gradually covered with dust and cease to function effectively.This happens at all.Conclusion: The need to periodically perform cleaning of all these elements.To do this, turn the power off, remove the battery and remove the bottom cover by unscrewing a few screws.Then everything is simple: a cotton swab and remove all dirt with a brush;

- replace the old thermal paste on basking components can "win" a few degrees.

When deciding how cool the laptop, many consultants advise stores to purchase computer equipment special support under the bottom cover.It installed more fans, is forced into the air.The solution, of course, is quite interesting, but its effectiveness is not always in line with expectations.Without pre-cleaning the inside of the cooling system this stand just useless.