Last time nobody will be surprised unusual and original names.Modern parents try to give their child a unique and sometimes ancient name.If you do not know what to call her baby, then pay attention to the name of Damian.The value of the name is translated from the Roman means "the conqueror".Earlier, more than two centuries ago, the name was pronounced like Damian.With Damian Greek means "blessed."


In Roman mythology, the goddess existed Damiya, who patronized the various sacraments, and represent fertility and abundance - a good value for the child.Name Demyan, speaking literally translates as "dedicated Damii."The Romans are very honored Damiyu and every triumph brought her gifts, so at that time the name of Damian was very common.


Choice and meaning of the name of the child is often affected by his fate.Boy Demian very vibrant and lively child.To the best of selfish, but sometimes showing a sharp temper.In his nature there is a certain narcissism.It can be very demandi

ng of people around, but its shortcomings quietly closes his eyes.

Freedom-loving, selfish, straightforward, stubborn, calculating - in this whole Demian.The value of the name describes him as very inflexible man accustomed to walk literally on the head in order to achieve the goal.Had he been a little more diplomatic and more cunning, and the case went to his spravno.Ambitious and arrogant, easy to get into an argument, the sharp-tongued, intelligent - the hero of the novel is not bright?

But these shortcomings with its incomparable advantages.Demian, the value of whose name is impulsive, yet very brave and courageous man who never allows himself branded a coward.Therefore, any, even the most extreme situation, you can not rely on it.For their loved ones Demian kind and sympathetic person.In spite of the constant changes in the mood, he has an excellent sense of humor.This feature is not just getting him in life.

Among other things, can be a real entertainer, our Demian.The value of the name and tries to send it to the fate of the ocean of emotions and feelings, but it can save stonily when in his heart raging storm.In public, he may seem an open and responsive, but Damian is able to hide their feelings in the soul from prying eyes.In the circle of colleagues, he could pass for a careerist, so poverty handsome Damian never know will not.


In Monogamous love it, but it is very jealous.Demian, the value of which is not for nothing that the name means "conqueror of" easily won the women's hearts.And though his future marriage and love is possible, but it does not exclude self-serving purposes.Demian never allow himself to fall in love with a girl below the class.Feelings he always weighs a reason.And because he is very jealous, he will closely monitor the personal lives of his wife.Therefore, the lady of his heart to be careful, because very jealous and vindictive ever recall offense.Therefore we need to look for a woman Demyan quiet and harmonious, which will be able to tame his passionate temper.