"The Flying Dutchman" - what do we know about him?

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Who does not know the famous "Flying Dutchman"?Probably everyone at least once in his life heard of this legendary ship, plowing the seas and oceans, and catching up on the horror of the passing ships.The story of this craft dates back to the XVI century.It was at that time and was born the legend of the famous ghost ship.There are many variants of occurrence of this story, we present here the two most popular versions of the appearance of this myth.

According to the first of these, titled ship is really existed.It was a fast merchant ship captain who was a drunkard, an atheist and a blasphemer by the name of Van der Straaten."The Flying Dutchman" was known for his speed, and once arrogant captain promised (not least because of the influence of alcohol), be able to go around the Cape of Good Hope, even if for this he will have to steer the ship right up to the end of the world.After these words, the whole team has been punished by the devil himself, and to this day the terrible ghost ship floating on the sea surface, without giving rest to seafarers and passengers many ships.

second version is no less exciting.According to this legend, the "Flying Dutchman" was struck by the epidemic, and no port would not agree to let him in, fearing the spread of the disease.After several failures the ship was gone.Since then, restless, has not found a place for himself, he walks on the ocean waters and revenge people.

It is worth noting that these stories have the right to life, as "The Flying Dutchman", the legend of which was alive for the past many centuries, according to people who really appear before many ships.What is it - falsifying or mass hysteria?Or maybe a misunderstanding?Anyway, many of the sailors, being superstitious, really believe in the legend of the ship.According to maritime legends, any ship, which will meet on the way, "The Flying Dutchman" is doomed to ruin, and all its crew members and passengers certainly deprived of reason.In addition to the already described ghosts, sailors and residents of some coastal communities has been met ships - empty, without a soul, without a hint of the remains of the crew.It was among such Courts real "Dutchman"?Or all of them - the victim's ghost ship, and the people who were on these ships, fearing it thrown overboard in terror?

"The Flying Dutchman", a ghost ship, which still dominates the minds of many sailors, became popular in art.Perhaps, in the most suitable category for a series of films - "Pirates of the Caribbean" - very well played up this theme.The object appears with his sinister and captain in the famous animated series of sponge Bob Square Pants to ("SpongeBob").Many literary works also contain references and links to the legendary ship.And today this legend dominates the minds of millions of people worldwide.And what is most striking, from time to time there are still, according to witnesses, the real proof of the existence of this mysterious vessel.