Do I need a student computer?

Today, in developed countries there is not only a computer in virtually every home, and every third child.Most of the parents to their children becomes a personal computer, even when they are in the first-second grade school, arguing that students using a computer will be easier to cope with homework.

However, studies conducted by British scientists a few hundred families that had children - primary school children, showed that the presence of the personal computer is just a negative impact on the performance of children in subjects such as math and mother tongue, that is,reading and in particular - a letter.

It turned out that the presence of the computer and uncontrolled spending time behind him, many children have used programs such as calculator and various Internet resources to do their homework in arithmetic.Also, the habit of typing on a computer instead of writing by hand, spoiled students handwriting, and a bad influence on their literacy.

addition, the performance of children falling because they simply were not engaged in the lessons, preferring to play on the computer, to communicate in a variety of children's chat rooms, and so on.In this school children spend most of the time allocated to them on homework, and of course, very tiring, so it could not properly and prepare lessons.

However, in the meantime, the researchers noted that the parental controls and the correct choice of educational and entertainment programs, the computer can really bring younger students benefit.In this case, the work will help to develop the computer memory and the coordination of the child, as well as his imagination.

Of course, parents need to watch that child computer fascination does not go beyond reasonable limits.It is necessary to ensure that the student did not spend at the computer more than a half to two hours a day, watch his posture, to monitor the status of its vision, track exactly what he was doing on the computer, what sites visited on the Internet and so on.

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